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Size: 5 1/2 x 50
Shape: Robusto
Wrapper: Conn Shade/Conn Broad
Filler: Dom. Rep.
Binder: Brazil
MSRP: 12.50
Total Reviews: 1
Average Rating: 7.80 out of a possible 10
Average Price: 6.25
Discontinued: No

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"Montecristo Red Robusto (give it some time!)"

Review by: mike12
Review Date: 03/25/2011
Rating: 7.8
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: Let me preface with that I've had 3 Montecristo Reds. The first was the "magnum" in the 3pack - it was a dud. The second was a Robusto from a 5pack I bought and I lit it the same day I received it from It was a dud. I let the other one the humidor for a month and it was delicious. I think the Magnums were too early, and that these MUST stay in the humidor for a few weeks since they're so "new". At first light, tastes and smells like the traditional floral Montecristo. The smoke is white, plentiful, and the aroma is sweet and floral. The first few puffs are on the spicy side and at about ½ inch in, we’re balanced and mild. There’s no question about it, this cigar smells like a Montecristo – it’s unmistakably Montecristo and the white ash is a friendly companion. So how about the flavors? I’m thinking some hints of leather and nutmeg with some definite spice in there. The regular Montecristo (Dominican) would have the same light flavors but this one definitely has some straight spice on the aftertaste. The wrapper is still gorgeous with no cracks and the burn is crisp and fairly straight. Now I’m a fan of the punch cut because I enjoy the steady stream of smoke: full, concentrated, I’m not missing any flavor here. One thing I always appreciate about montecristos is the aroma. The draw is very medium, I don’t work too hard and it’s definitely not too easy – really right in the middle. At about 1 inch into this robusto, I’m tasting fewer sweet notes, the nutmeg, if there at all, is masked by some body. But where is it coming from? It’s surely not from the golden Connecticut wrapper. At about 15 minutes into this cigar, I’m now tasting the familiar ‘bouquet’ of something floral. It’s a nice mild flavor with a lingering spice. After two minutes of no puffs, the spice is still with me. Not powerful, not over bearing, just lingering on the palate. I should have cracked the port or brandy for this one but in the interest of keeping this review “pure”, I’m refraining so as to enjoy only the flavor provided by this new blend. At just about 18 minutes, I’m thinking the ash is going to fall any second but I dare not give it a flip or coax it along. Curious to see how long it lasts. One thing I always like about RObustos in general is that they’re usually packed tightly and you can often get a nice ash. Other than the medium spiceness here, this cigar is very similar to the original Montecristo – not really reminding me of the seemingly endless other lines (White, Classic, Platinum, Afrique (JR), Negra, Media Noche (CI), or Serie C). 25 minutes after the first light, we’re still going smooth and strong and I just got a hint of some pepper (not spice). The ash appears intact, and construction is still flawless (one attribute Monte fans and critiques agree upon). We haven’t noticed a real change in flavor but rather some subtle nuances as we go. And there she goes! Just lost the ash as I took a puff at 28 minutes in. The ashtray didn’t catch this one folks but it was a graceful fall. Just over an inch of ash before she gave way…not too shabby. I have to admit, the cigar is good but not quite as full bodied as the marketing implies. If the Original blend is a 4 of 10 in terms of boldness, this one might be a 5.5 – just subtle. The flavor is quite close. At thirty minutes in, we’re at a nice creamy consistency. A truly pleasant flavor with no harshness or bitterness and now some cedar and possibly hints of vanilla (when I think of creamy, I automatically think vanilla). The construction and draw are still top quality. Nothing falling apart here – it’s still a nice looking stogie. At 40 minutes in, I’m liking the cedary transition. I’m enjoying this cigar outside on the patio in my townhouse and neighbor above just came outside. His question was, “what cigar are you smoking out there? It doesn’t stink and it’s not harsh at all.” (sometimes I hear the window slam shut when I have cigar so I’m taking this as a compliment to the Montecristo Red). At 48 minutes in, I’m nearly at the label and I’m not feeling hot smoke so I’ll keep it going. Just as I set it down, the ash gracefully fell (this time in the ashtray). Looks like I’m keeping this one down to the nub as I’m still enjoying the creamy cedar-ness Now here’s a first – I’ve never felt a buzz from a Dominican Montecristo. As I finish the last few puffs, I’m pleasantly surprised. All in all – this cigar has much in common with the original blend albeit with a ‘subtle’ kick. I have to agree with the advertisement here. True to its roots, the construction and draw are perfect. I bought a 5pack of Montecristo Reds from for $39.95. A box of 20 goes for $134.95 along with some nice looking accessories easily worth $40 (an apparent ‘retail value’ of $100). Pricey? Yes although I’m glad I splurged on this 5pack. If you are looking to try just one, the same guys have a 4 cigar assorted sampler for $24.95. If you like Montecristo as I do on occasion – definitely worth a try. I’ll give it an 8 out of 10. Time from light to put down: 55 minutes.

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