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Size: NA
Shape: Double Corona
Wrapper: NA
Filler: NA
Binder: NA
MSRP: 0.00
Total Reviews: 2
Average Rating: 6.85 out of a possible 10
Average Price: 3.00
Discontinued: No

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"Put the"

Review by: ElkTwin
Review Date: 08/15/2004
Rating: 7
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: A toro sized cigar with a medium veined dark colorado maduro wrapper that was literally covered in small bumps. This cigar was as toothy as the Cheshire Cat. Even the cap was covered in a sandpapery rash of tiny dots. The cigar was light in weight and very firm to the touch. The wrapper was mottled with some lumpiness to the roll, and the cap was rounded and proud from the shoulder. Pre light aroma was of dirt and manure, and a clean cut at the shoulder produced a decent but firm draw. From the beginning it was difficult to coax smoke from this cigar, but smoke did leak from several tiny holes along the length. The initial flavor was chalky with a mild chemical taste and I had to puff frequently to get any smoke at all. The burn was uneven and developed a stepped pattern with one side burning faster than the other. The light gray ash was dense and covered in a velvet texture from the small bumps on the wrapper. Aroma was herbal and vegetal in nature and quite dense and thick on the nose. At the halfway mark the burn was annoying enough that I touched it up, but it soon started the same game again. All through the smoke I was spitting small flecks of tobacco. Between 1/3 and 1/2 way the cigar began to offer slightly more smoke, but the taste stayed thin and light bodied. A flavor of burning oak leaves and paint struck me as flat and uninspired. The finish was sharp and slightly chemical and thankfully didn't last too long. The flavor reminded me of a Mexican cigar such as a Matacan or a Te-Amo, but with an artificial harshness. I used my ice water to try and wash the taste away but it kept creeping back. The final two inches produced more smoke, but the flavor didn't improve, it just got stronger. I hate to do this with a gifted cigar, but this specimen was uncooperative and a struggle to smoke, almost foul tasting, and not a pleasant experience. This may have been a bad example, but from my experience with this particular sample it's not recommended.

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Review by: J.S.
Review Date: //
Rating: 6.7
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: unexpectedly good smoke for such a cheap price, a very good everyday smoke

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