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Perdomo Habano Cigars
  Torpedo Maduro       

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Size: 6 1/2 x 52
Shape: Torpedo
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
MSRP: 6.00
Total Reviews: 7
Average Rating: 7.94 out of a possible 10
Average Price: 5.71
Discontinued: No

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"Top Tier Perdomo"

Review by: BriarLaw
Review Date: 02/05/2008
Rating: 8.17
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: This cigar is a great addition to the Perdomo lineup. I tried the Corojo wrapped torpedo. Excellent construction, beautiful wrapper, etc. The flavor is medium full with a delicious mix of spice and sweetness. Some of my favorite regular smokes include 601 Habano, 601 Oscuro, and RP Sun Grown. The Perdomo Habano Corojo is very similar in style. So if you like those other smokes you will probably like this one too. Give it a shot!

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"Corojo - Great cigar."

Review by: Jeff Potts
Review Date: 01/07/2008
Rating: 8
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: It's a nice looking stick, having a kind of smooth, glossy, tanned-leather looking wrapper and a huge frickin' band around a thick cigar. It's a solid stick that feels pretty well constructed. Clipping the cap, it draws well, and it lights up pretty easy - I used matches on a windy, snowy day so the light wasn't exactly the best there was. I also had to light the thing twice because I wasn't getting the volume of smoke that I was expecting. In short, it's a creamy, slightly peppery cigar (which tickles the tonsils) with that signature Perdomo flavor (sorta this sickly-sweet, syrupy, brown sugar taste). However, this time the "signature" flavor was quite muted, and in fact I would say that I could pick up hints of nutmeg in the taste. After the second light, I was getting an ample amount of smoke, although the burn was off pretty bad. I tried to correct it, but really to no avail. I don't know if it was the conditions outside, the fact I was lighting with matches, or the cigar itself that was causing some of the canoeing problems I had, but from start to finish the thing never burned straight. The ash was a silvery-gray hue, and held on for well over an inch. While I think the construction on them is pretty good, I'm apt to believe that the wrapper was somehow the catalyst for the errant burn; everything else burned fine but the wrapper was quite ragged in spots. Outside of that, I really don't have any complaints about this stick. It had a decent flavor - it didn't make me ill with that brown sugar sweetness - held an ash together, and had a decent construction. I think dry boxing for a day or two, perhaps letting these babies sit for six months, will probably help with the burn. All in all, the Perdomo Habano Corojo is a good medium / full smoke that does not have a really heavy aftertaste or finish. For about $99.00 a box, I think they're worth the money.

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