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  Twist Torpedo       

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Size: 6 x 52
Shape: Torpedo
Wrapper: NA
Filler: NA
Binder: NA
MSRP: 6.00
Total Reviews: 2
Average Rating: 7.75 out of a possible 10
Average Price: 6.49
Discontinued: No

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Review by: icehog3
Review Date: 07/04/2008
Rating: 6.33
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: Smoked one during the 4th fireworks display. A good draw and a pretty straight burn that required only a couple small touch-ups. Mild in flavor, a bit woody but nothing too descript. Another good "golf-type" cigar.

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"Worth your time to try..."

Review by: nozero
Review Date: 09/18/2007
Rating: 9.17
Criteria 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Overall Experience

Review Notes: I purchased one 08/24/2007 from Town & Country Cigar Warehouse The prelight aroma of the wrapper was very pleasing and from the foot was the same just stronger. Construction was attractive and consistent, no hard or soft spots. I clipped about a quarter of an inch from the torpedo head cleanly and easily and toasted the foot before lighting. The initial draws produced copious amounts of a medium bodied smoke with an ever so slight note of sweetness. The first inch burned evenly and produced a mixture of gray to charcoal colored ash that was fairly tight but a little flaky. I'm picking up a very enjoyable aroma that remains on the back of my fingers and lingers in the air. It's similar to the sweetness I first noticed in taste of the smoke, but far more prominent. Thinking this may be from the vanilla breakfast bar I just ate; I went in the house and quickly washed my hands to see if the scent returns. The ash is holding nicely to just over an inch and three quarters. I'm picking up the vanilla sweetness again, but even stronger, maybe due to the breakfast bar, but there is something else as well that I have yet to identify. The burn down one side is now about a quarter of an inch ahead, but it's constant so I have not had to correct it. Loads of creamy smoke, now reveals a more of a nutty flavor than the prior vanilla flavor. Very enjoyable, so much so that I rather wish I had picked up another one of these rather than the Padron 6000 maduro I purchased at the same time. I often shy away from getting more than one to sample, in case I don't like them, sometimes it's a good thing sometimes not. Though the price is more than I generally prefer to pay, I will pick up more of these even if just occasionally. It's getting harder and harder to leave this one in the ashtray and considering I'm hitting it with far more frequency than usual, it's staying cool and great tasting. The aroma that I noticed earlier on the back of my fingers has returned and it's presence in the air has continued as well. The second section of ash just dropped and is very close to exactly the same length as the first. I've got just over three inches left to enjoy. I just pushed a small portion of the last draw out through my nose and there was no burn and gag like I often get, instead it makes me want to do it more. At just over two and a half inches left it's still all good and I'm picking up other flavors with just a bit of tanginess in the aftertastes. I still can't really identify some of the tastes, a little cedar and hint of leather maybe? It was a cool day around 77 and 85% humidity and this cigar held up very nicely while I drank my late morning coffee and wrote this review. This cigar was very enjoyable for me and I would highly recommend it to anybody, though I doubt I would hand them out to any other than my closest friends. I'd be very interested to see other reviews on this cigar and when I get around to purchasing more, will comment further as needed. I didn't record the time again, but I'd estimate this to last an hour and a half or more.

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