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"Tight but Tasty"

Review by: Bryan
Review Date: 12/30/2009
Rating: 5.4
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: Picked up this monster as part of a large sampler several months ago as part of a Thompson bundle - It has been aging unwrapped since. My first impression of the cigar left something to be desired as it is not a looker in the least. The connecticut wrapper appears dull, almost dry and quite rough. Working my fingers along it, I can find no inconstancy. That being said I would agree with most other reviews in that this Gurkha feels firm. The construction on this particular stick is poor. The capping is starting to open up a little around the casquillo and I am literally able to dry draw without a cut (just a little). I am able to clip the cap without it coming undone. My first full dry draw is peppery and cold. I light the stick with a pair of cedar matches and let the foot take. I can tell right away this is going to be a fight. The first 1/3 was a very tight draw. The taste is good, however - not exactly great, but nothing to complain about for the price paid. Very peppery, as it was when drawn dry. Light grey/white ash, with a minimal amount of smoke. About 1/2 down a slight tear in the wrapper opened up and keeping and even burn became a loosing battle. I'm not sure where to place the blame for the tear and I try not to let it get to me. Taste is light spice (maybe nutmeg or cinnamon) with a heavy wood and a tickle of cream which develops in the final third. By this point, the wrapper has become obnoxious from the early tear and I remove it with a couple twists. The draw really opens up and I wish that I had neutered the cigar about 20 minutes ago. Tons of delicious creamy smoke fill the room with an effortless draw. I continue about 3/4 into the binder before the heat wears on my lips. I'm a little confused as to why in the world this smoke has such an outrageous MSRP, and had I actually paid that for it I would have probably been on the phone in disgust - However given that everyone and their brother has a promotion for these guys I think that given the common price, these are okay cigars for the price. I'm not holding the unbinding of the wrapper for this one cigar against the entire 800 box lot and to be quite honest it actually led me to remove it completely which added to the taste and draw. Overall, I think this cigar has great potential in flavor if you can just find a way to overcome the awful draw. I would recommend that if upon lighting, this sucker feels tight to either cut past the cap or run a paper clip down the center a few times to open up the draw.

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