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"What a letdown!"

Review by: ElkTwin
Review Date: 12/17/2007
Rating: 4.83
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: This cigar cost $21 at Perettiís, an old-style tobacconist in downtown Boston. The packaging was opulent, with large cedar chests and boxes covered in multicolored labels. The attractive dark brown wrapper had a slight greenish cast and sported medium veins. The expertly rolled cigar had a round, bullet-nosed head with a lovely triple cap. The filler was predominantly the color of dark coffee grounds with some slightly lighter leaves woven in. The simple crimson and gold band bearing the 160 insignia was applied carelessly, diagonally on the cigar with the ends not aligning squarely. Pre-light aroma was slightly spicy with an alluring mild cinnamon scent, and the flavors from the pre-light draw was mild and dusty with a light mustiness like the air in an old barn. The freshly cut cigar had a smooth and easy draw and took quickly to the match. The initial flavors, for the first inch of the cigar, were flat and harsh. The smoke tasted of burning waxed paper or corrugated cardboard with a patently offensive overtone. More troubling, the finish hit immediately and was irritating with an overall impression of pine pitch and a tenacious tarry cling to it. The cigar burned straight and slow and produced a firm and solid light grey ash with dark ribbons. After a half inch or so either the harshness abated or I grew accustomed to it and some actual tobacco related flavors emerged. Sadly, these flavors were neither complex nor enjoyable. The ash held tightly for almost half of the cigar, curving slightly as the cigar burned. I smoked the cigar on a lovely clear evening in early September, sitting in a park in downtown Boston. Careful rumination could produce hints of flavor, but even halfway through, the abhorrent finish practically obscured any subtleties that might have been present in the blend. The overall impression was of poor quality ligero surrounded by cheap, earthy Mexican filler and wrapped in newsprint. The aroma of the cigar was deceptively light and lyrical with a lovely ambient note. That aroma, the impeccable construction and lovely appearance were the only redeeming qualities of this cigar. Overall this cigar was light in strength and medium in flavor, but had a horrible taste and finish. I would have been better off crumpling up a 20 dollar bill and throwing it out the car window; at least I wouldnít still have this nasty taste in my mouth. Not recommended.

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