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"No room for boredom"

Review by: ElkTwin
Review Date: 08/15/2004
Rating: 9
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: This belicoso had a very pronounced cedar pre light aroma. Its colorado wrapper was delightfully oily and the veins were small enough to be practically unnoticeable. The foot was box pressed and tapered up to a sharply pointed head that was only slightly askew. The stick was firm to the touch and only a few very small wrinkles marred its appearance. It clipped easily at 1/4 inch and the small aperture allowed a perfect draw. As I set fire to the foot and took my first few puffs the power immediately began to assault me. This cigar ran straight at me waving its arms and bellowing but, not being easily frightened, I perservered. The cigar burned easily and fairly quickly, ladling up bucketfulls of rich, satisfying smoke. The flavor was acute, bearing a sharp edge of green woodiness with a sappy overtone, like fresh hewn lumber. There was a faint impression of baker's chocolate that hovered in the background and another flavor that I identify with yeast. The ash was dark gray on the outside surrounding a core much lighter in color, and it held very firm for at least and inch and a half before I tapped it to reveal a long and sharp cone shaped like a church spire. And the aroma, sweet and smoky like Texas barbeque, wafted around the area; the consummate tease. As I smoked the cigar the flavor morphed subtly but never strayed far. The finish was coniferous and tarry; it telegraphed the solid body of the cigar and then faded slowly to a dry cedary flavor reminiscent of the carefully crafted slide top box from which this cigar undoubtedly emerged. I smoked this cigar rather quickly and yet never worried about the threat of harshness. The well choreographed cigar burned perfectly no matter the haste and kept putting forth explosive starbursts of colorful flavor that skyrocketed onto the palate with dramatic effect. Not a tremendous amount of depth, just straight ahead rich and delightfully aggressive flavors. The strength built to a crescendo that left me in awe as I nubbed the stick. The page with the word subtle had been torn out of this cigar's dictionary. At the end I noticed that the head was dark and glistening with accumulated tar yet it never tasted off. This specimen was an egotistical brat; the center of attention from start to finish with absolutely no room for boredom. Give me a box of these while I'm stranded on a tropical island and I'd forget about rescue until the cabinet was empty. Definitely recommended.

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