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"Semi-precious gem"

Review by: ElkTwin
Review Date: 08/15/2004
Rating: 8.33
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: A medium dark, milk chocolate colored wrapper was dusted in glittery crystals that caught the headlights of passing cars. There was one short spine of a vein sticking out at the one third mark like the quill of a porcupine. A nicely formed cap and straight sides gave this slightly rectangular box pressed cigar a look of class, but there were a few water spots near the foot and a smear of vegetable gum on the wrapper where the label came off. The pre light draw tasted faintly of anise and old schoolbooks and the stick had a very smooth draw. It lit easily and burned fast and very straight leaving a gray black ash with small flakes at the edges. The strong flavor had a heavy edge to it and was dark and brooding. I tasted burning bamboo and spice. The finish was smoky and tasted slightly of coal, like a New York street corner pretzel cart, and lasted quite a while after each puff. The flavor changed at the halfway mark getting more tarry and laying on a portion of mustard greens and sage. While there were small flakes at the edge, the core of the ash was firm and tight and tapped off cleanly in one inch increments. The fast burn had a tendency to cause overheating, so I had to pace myself throughout. The aroma of the cigar was thin, sparse, and slightly medicinal on the nose. This was a full strength cigar with a medium bodied flavor. While the flavors were strong they were partially concealed by a heavy thicket of green vegetation. The strength of the cigar was most evident in the final two inches and not suprisingly that's where the flavor really distinguished itself; It's just a shame I had to wait so long for a flash of brilliance. Tar collected on the head as I smoked along and eventually left a bitter taste on my tongue, and in the last inch the flavor soured badly leaving me with the lingering harsh memories of ammonia. Inoffensive at first and gaining in character as it went, this cigar gave me the strong impression of youth. A diamond in the rough, my feelings are that this cigar would have eventually matured into a semi-precious gem. Recommended with age.

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