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"Great value"

Review by: ElkTwin
Review Date: 08/15/2004
Rating: 8.33
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Review Notes: Medium brown and slightly wrinkly the nondescript cigar bore the red and gold band of the Mancini marque. Some slight veins adorned the wrapper and there was a pronounced rectangular press to the stick. The construction seemed fine, the color uniform, and the cigar felt normal to the touch, so I was perplexed as to why it was graded irregular. It clipped and exhibited a perfect draw, so it wasnít plugged. Hmmmm. I loved the cedar pre light scent and flavor. Slow to ignite, once burning it produced a normal volume of smoke and I settled in for a pleasurable experience. I hear some people experience flavor in terms of color, but I hear flavor in terms of tone. This cigar had a high reedy quality. If cigars were an orchestra this would be an oboe. Soft and mellow, the cigar tasted of lavender and ripe hay. The flavor was not complex, but pleasantly light and airy. Medium light bodied and with a hint of citrus, the cigar burned straight and slow, giving me time to fully appreciate its simple structure. The ash was medium dark and the cigar developed a very long cone. At one point the cone developed an unusual shape that resembled the nose of that flying creature in the new Star Wars movies. Bizzare! Towards the end the draw closed up a bit and it became hard to fully enjoy. Once I started this cigar it began begging immediately for a fruity accompaniment, so I sought out a lovely Mirassou Reisling. The wine had a forward and floral character that meshed perfectly with the notes of clover and sandalwood that the cigar delivered, and even the slightly sweet aroma of the smoke harmonized with the pairing. The finish was amber and delightful with only a slight chemical residue to mar it. The wrapper wrinkled a bit more as it burned, but the burn line was clear and even. I was impressed with this cigar, especially given the fact that I paid less than $2 for it at JRs 5th Avenue store some years ago. It was unpretentious and somewhat simple in its flavor and character, but the sweet and even flavor was pleasant and unique.

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