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"A prince of a cigar"

Review by: ElkTwin
Review Date: 08/16/2004
Rating: 9.5
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: It's been sitting in the bottom of my trusty old J&S 200 for over four years, forgotten. (Remember when buying a "Sam's" humidor meant you had to finish it yourself instead of downloading a one day pass?) Tonight I was rearranging the walk-in, and decided to rotate the cigars in the desktop humidor that sits on the top shelf in there. Because they came unadorned by any bands in a plain cedar cube, they are easy to overlook as they sit, unpretentiously in the corner of the 'dor. Never a spectacular looking cigar, these have matured with a sophisticated grace. Their medium brown wrappers started with some water spots, and have developed a few wrinkles and other slight imperfections over the years. Rather than decreasing its attractiveness, I think these minor blemishes lend character to the stick. A light sheen of oil has risen on the wrapper, and the cigar has shrunk and tightened to the point where it is much more firm to the touch. And yet, as I clip and light it, I notice that the draw has not suffered in the least. The smoke flows perfectly through the cigar. The burn is straight and true, as befits an aged Prince. A medium dark ash clings firmly and breaks evenly. (And an oily black ring surrounds the coal.) ;-) Gone are the slight edge and harsh taste of youth, replaced with a mellow, well rounded flavor that tastes of rich tobacco with slight earth tones and a subtle cedar note. While not the brash fellow he once was, the Prince still displays the medium to full strength the Hoyo line is famous for. The finish is velvety smooth and a nice companion to the mocha I have paired it with. The flavor builds in intensity as we go along. Very nice mix of spice and peaty fullness. The aroma is wonderful, as well. A sharp and singular scent that is light and slightly floral; it also bears the signature cedar note that only time in a fine cedar box can impart. Too soon, the Price is down to a tiny nub. The final puffs, while hot from the small size of the cigar, are rich and satisfying. A great end to a truly wonderful cigar.

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