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"Chemical overtones"

Review by: ElkTwin
Review Date: 08/15/2004
Rating: 7.67
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: The gold embossed cellophane slid off to reveal the signature Rosado glow of the Opus wrapper, gleaming with oil and showing a hint of faint tooth. The band, as always, was spectacular with its burst of multicolored splendor, gold leaf, and impressive embossing. The cigar was impeccably turned out, with a crisp well executed roll and a perfect triple cap, and it had a nice pre light nose of spice and cedar. The Zino took off a perfect eighth of an inch and the pre light draw was medium firm. There was an unusual pre light taste of plastic, and when the match was applied the falvor that came forth was interesting, tainted with a chemical overtone that stampeded over the spice and leather of the Opus blend. In addition to the source of the chemical flavor another mystery soon developed; where was the smoke? Puff after puff resulted in anemic production that left me scratching my head. After a few inches the draw closed down and drawing even this tiny amount of smoke through became a chore. The light gray ash was beautiful and perfectly formed, and the burn, such as it was, clean and straight. After the first two bizarre inches the spice fought its way through to the front and the cigar developed a bit, medium bodied and slightly more complex, but the chemical flavor remained in the background to taunt me. The aroma the cigar threw off was nice and balanced and pure tobacco, but the finish had a grassy taste and was very acidic in nature. The ice water I had with the cigar did nothing to cleanse the aftertaste, nor did it help with the meth lab flavors the cigar insisted on delivering. Overall this was a beautiful cigar with lovely construction and presentation, but this sample was obviously defective. The acidic finish and chemical overtones simply spoiled the experience. I donít know what caused this aberration, but Iíll try another example in a few days when my taste buds recover a bit. Not recommended based on this sample.

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