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Review by: ElkTwin
Review Date: 08/15/2004
Rating: 9.5
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Review Notes: After a hectic couple of days it was time to relax. I heard a muffled voice from deep in the humidor and tracked it to a dusty cabinet of Upmanns. The lid slid back with a mournful squeak to reveal the bound bundle of cigars within. I slid the chosen one from the ribbon and it was a lovely medium brown stick bearing a shining coat of oil. The roll was firm but a bit bumpy and the cap was nicely formed. A small trailer from the cut was dealt with easily and the pre light draw proved perfect. I savored the slight tingle and cedar aroma and headed for the Jacuzzi with the cigar in my teeth. My wife had added some foo foo aroma therapy gel to the spa earlier in the week and I was afraid the floral scent of the steam would interfere with the cigar, but my trepidation proved pointless. The cigar started strong with a lovely burst of spice and woodiness that hit hard and opened my eyes to the strength and character of a well aged Cuban. I lay back in the bubbling water and savored the cigar, and the perfect draw continued to impress me as the ash grew, dark gray and solid, until I tapped it loose at the two inch mark. Lovely, complex flavors built throughout, and the medium full body asserted itself effortlessly. The finish was long and strong with hints of tar and rosemary. For an hour or so there was nothing but the quiet cold night, the swirling water, and the delightful complexity of a premier Habanos to occupy my mind. I was able to concentrate on the building flavors and sensed the transitions from medium to full, the layering of essences that emerged: shellac, some burnt coffee, and the pitch like a conifer bough. Halfway through I could feel the tentacles of the nicotine begin to wind around my nervous system and it made me glad this was not a double corona; if it had been, Iím sure I would have suffered greatly. The heady aroma of the smoke blasted away the floral scent of the water and teased my nose with a slight prickling sensation. This was a damned fine cigar to end the day with. Concentrated flavors, lovely finish, and a stimulating aroma all combined to create a delightful respite from the busy day. The cigar definitely had some teeth, but thankfully the age blunted its fangs so I avoided its potentially harmful bite. Highly recommended.

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