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"Good Cameroon"

Review by: ElkTwin
Review Date: 08/15/2004
Rating: 8.67
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: A stately cigar wrapped in a long cedar sleeve and bearing a pair of dark green and gold bands proclaiming its heritage, the torpedo shape was perfectly executed with a graceful taper and a sharp point. The light colored Cameroon wrapper was smooth and dry, tinged with a light green cast, and tiny bumps showed just a hint of the tooth to come. The wrapper itself was very fragile and had cracks in several locations along its length; it seemed a bit dry to the touch and crackled a bit under pressure. A shallow cut revealed the filler nicely bunched within, and the cigar sprang to life with a sputtering initial flavor of floral like notes against a rear curtain of dry sage. Slightly harsh, the cigar started with a medium light body which built gradually into a medium and then full bodied powerhouse. Almost immediately the burning cigar began to burst spontaneously from its wrapper, tearing aside and throwing off the fragile Cameroon as if shrugging from a too tight coat. Still, the wrapper stayed close enough to the side to lend its signature spice to the blend as the stick smoked straight and sure and, after a thick black burn line, left a long, persistent ash colored light gray with darker shadows on the surface. This was not a sweet tasting cigar. I tried to enjoy it with a chocolate chip muffin and a decaf mocha, but the cigar easily overpowered the chocolate, leaving in its wake a slightly dry finish resplendent of the sappy smell of fresh sawdust and a touch of asphalt. As was typical to a torpedo, the narrow opening focused the flavor directly on the tongue, amplifying it and eventually closing down the draw until a second cut opened it up again at the halfway mark. At this point the power really hit with bold strokes and the creeping effects of nicotine began their assault. The aroma was crisp and somewhat sharp. Overall this was a very elegant large torpedo with clean attractive packaging. The fragile Cameroon wrapper detracted from the experience somewhat as it rent and frayed, but it was still a generally pleasant experience. I love the torpedo shape for the focus and evolution in character it offers and this cigar was a good example of the breed. I have to note that I believe the smaller ring sizes of this brand offer a more noticeable spicy Cameroon experience. Recommended

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