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Review by: ElkTwin
Review Date: 08/15/2004
Rating: 8.83
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: A medium brown cuadrado pressed Lonsdale with a lovely smooth wrapper that glowed with a semi-gloss sheen. The corners of the cigar were creased sharper than the pleats in a rented tux. The finely veined wrapper had faint tints of green in spots and a tiny cap that perched on the head like a yarmulke. The end clipped off smoothly under the Zino and I was treated to a smmoth draw and a nice pre light flavor of dirt and spice. After a slow turn over the flame the first puffs yielded a dark and oily flavor with great mouth filling billows of smoke. The burn started evenly and produced a light colored ash that built tall and firm. At the 2 inch mark I tapped the ash and it fell to the concrete instantly bursting into a small puff of powder. At the 1/3 mark the medium bodied flavor evolved and I experienced a nice flinty taste, mineral and satisfying. The finish started with a rubbery overtone that soon faded to reveal a residual oily coffee taste. The length of the cigar tempered the smoke and allowed a nice mellow flow of smoke. It burned slow and regular, never struggling for air when I left it for a few minutes to scribble notes. The cigar really swelled up at the burn line, puffing out round as a dowel before disappearing into the dark oily ring that delineates the ash. At the halfway point nice notes of cola and spice emerged. The aroma that swirled up with the electric blue smoke coming from the tip was big and powerful, flexing its muscles in the calm afternoon air. Several passers by commented on the pleasant scent. At the very end the cigar softened a bit, but it never turned harsh or sour. The strength of the cigar built as I smoked it and towards the end I felt the first rushes of a nic kick from it. This was a very well made and attractive cigar that delivered solid medium bodied flavor that kept me interested the whole way through. I generally like the Lonsdale size for its ability to deliver concentrated flavor over a long stretch and this cigar lived up to my expectations. Recommended.

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