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Review by: G.Y.Gilpatrick II
Review Date: 04/23/2004
Rating: 3.67
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Review Notes: I am an open-minded individual, perfectly capable of seeing several sides to an issue, as any normally evolved human should. This cigar ended it for me. After several encounters with the ACID line, I have turned into Archie Bunker. My first several experiences came in the form of osmosis. I had the misfortune to smoke a beautiful AVO that had foolishly shared real estate with an ACID inside the humidor at a local Tobacconist. As a result, the AVO was ruined by virtue of its proximity to the ACID, which had hastily infused its flavors into the precious AVO, with fatal results. I soon learned that this phenomenon was all too common in humidors around the country. The spices that are used remind me of King Midas (replacing 'gold' with 'stink'), thus, it is essential that these cigars be kept away from your inventory at all costs. Dryness, damage, and injury are all preferred cigar inflictions when compared to what can happen when the ACIDs get close to one's supply, as the result is irreversible. Unlike a cheese, which can smell bad but taste delicious, the ACID offers no such redemption. Once lit, the cigar resembles a potpourri burner more than a relaxing smoke. The smoke tends to stick to all nearby surfaces, causing them to smell like a camp fire fueled entirely by the spice bottles from the foreign foods section at the grocery store. They burn hot and have a flavor that is somehow even worse than their second-hand aroma. To be fair, I must give Drew Estates credit for being inventive. They have created an original dynamic brand, with an equally unique image. Unfortunately, they tried to innovate both the image AND the fundamentals of cigar flavoring, which ultimately stretched the product too thin. A simple retooling of the image should have been the stopping point. Instead, they have crammed and forced together flavors and strengths that have no natural business with each other, producing an overly contrived and ultimately ridiculous cigar. My local smokeries have banned them, citing harmful effects on the enjoyment of other customers. The product's image is a nice attempt at modernizing the sometimes stodgy stereotype of traditional cigar manufacturing world. However, it proved too presumptuous to try to also reinvent the basics of smoke itself.

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