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"One of the good Pepin cigars."

Review by: Jeff Potts
Review Date: 01/07/2008
Rating: 7.83
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: It's a nice looking smoke with a smooth, carmel-colored wrapper. The construction feels pretty good as well, being nice and solid along the stick. Clipping the cap, the draw is pretty good; not real loose but definately not tight. Stiking a couple of matches, it took a little time to get lit. My first few puffs were all black pepper, which started to make me a little worried. However, not long after that, the flavor set in. "Cuban Classic" pretty much describes this stick to a "T". The only Cuban I've had that I think would compare was a Montecristo #2, and the flavor was about spot-on. Slightly woodsy, some vanilla tones, and a subtle nuttiness would be the best description, however, this cigar adds a significant blast of black pepper flavor. Your tonsils will tingle with each draw. This also isn't a cigar for the timid, as within a matter of minutes I was feeling the effects of a buzz. I decided to order something to eat at the bar we were at, just so I wouldn't have to deal with a sick stomach (should one arise). I'm thus-far not a big fan of the Pepin White Label, but this guy got my attention right-quick. While the Monte that I compared it to was on the mild side, this is a bold muther of a cigar. I also thought it had a slightly richer flavor than the Monte, but I doubt I could quantify specifically why. I like corojo wrappers in general, and this one was no exception. However, the experience wasn't without its difficulties. It was a bugger to keep lit. I was constantly working to get a decent volume of smoke. The ash wasn't all that spectacular either, being a bit on the flakey side. I was dealing with a couple of relights and corrections. I'm not sure if it was just a little overhumidified, or if this is just a problem with the tobacco used. I had no bitterness, splitting issues, nor a bulge problem near the burn ring - all of which are hallmarks of overhumidication. To be honest, I don't know what to attribute these problems to. Outside of that, this is an excellent cigar in a lot of areas. While a tad on the expensive side, I definately recommend this cigar.

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