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"Definately different."

Review by: Jeff Potts
Review Date: 01/07/2008
Rating: 7.33
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: It's a beautiful cigar, albeit the wrapper is a little on the rustic side - a little bumpy and not all that "smooth" like you would have in something like a Davidoff. The wrapper is quite dark, with a sort of flat cast to it - not glossy at all. I had a bugger of a time getting that stupid end cap off the foot, eventually using my teeth to pull the frickin' thing off. After a few minutes, I cut the cap and lit that baby up. The draw on it was pretty good, and the pre-light flavor was your Average Joe maduro. Smoking it, however, was another matter. This was one of the truly unique maduros I've ever smoked. There was a small amount of sweetness, but not much at all. I wouldn't call the flavor chocolately, but if there were characteristics of chocolate it ran along the lines of the unsweetened kind. No bitterness existed, so it wasn't anything along the lines of having coffee notes. There was a noticeable cedary / woodsy element, and maybe a little hint of nutmeg here or there. But to be honest, I really couldn't put a finger on the flavor of the cigar...maybe anise? To be honest, I thought it was pretty good flavor-wise. Definately different. This is not a strong cigar by any stretch. The aroma of the smoke is quite strong, cedary, and spicy - almost the antithesis of the flavor. It has a LONG finish to it, and not wholly unpleasant either. The ash was drab, being a sooty sort of gray, but it held on for more than an inch. Altogether the cigar was really well constructed, and burned very, very slow. Near the nub it was still drawing cool. This is not a flavor-changer, so don't expect surprises when smoking it. I didn't get a buzz, however, I did have a slightly upset stomach when I left (I didn't eat before I had the cigar). I'd definitely say you should have this after a decent meal. There were few downsides to this cigar. Ok, so the cigar itself didn't have a spectacular luster and appearance - no biggie in my book. Plus these new frickin' bands that Camacho is putting on their cigars, while nice to look at, are a genuine pain in the a** to remove. Outside of that, I didn't have any complaints about the experience. At the price they're going for, I'm not going to run out and buy a box real soon. However, I thought the cigar was excellent overall.

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