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"Freaking LOONS!!!"

Review by: Maurice
Review Date: 08/10/2010
Rating: 9.2
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: I lite this stogie next to the lake on a windless day, water was smooth as a mirror. A loon was swimming close by. The opening spice was just right, the loon called out as if he ageed. Nice setting! This is an awesome cigar complex flavors that don't let you down, then another loon showed up and he let out a blood cuddling cry. Wow the mood was just right. Half way through the cigar I started feeling the power. It's a nice smoke but stay seated, by then there were several loons. I think there were all males because they did a lot of posturing and splashing about, running around in circles in half flight around the shore. They were now getting on my nerves, I considered throwing rocks at them but the nicotine buzz was too much so I stayed seated. With a half inch left, the double corona was totally kicking my butt, so I flicked the nub at them instead of throwing a rock. One of the loons caught it, winked at me and finished the smoke. I called out to my wife to see this amazing event but she couldn't hear me inside the cottage and I was in no shape to get off my chair. After he spit out the nub, he gave out a loud and prolonged howl with smoke coming from his mouth. It was like nothing that I ever heard before. The other loons were just watched him in reverence. It was weird, kind of scary but still very cool. I stayed there letting the buzz wear off, the loons started to leave. I told my wife about it and she suggested I look it up on the Internet (Wikipedia), could it be possible that they migrate to the Dominican during winter where they could smoke these Opus X cigars all winter? Turns out they don't but they do go to Honduras, Nicuragua...etc. Those loons probably get all the Padrons and Olivas they can smoke. But when it comes to an Opus X they have to beg borrow or steal. At least one loon got a special treat on a Canadian lake in 2010 and he will probably be telling that story at lot this winter to his friends. They will probably want to punch him in the face. I bought these vitolas from on online dealer that only sells five per order so I am being extra careful with these loons always around. I put them under lock and key. I suggest you do the same.

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