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"Surprise! Surprise!"

Review by: Paddyboy
Review Date: 08/14/2007
Rating: 7.83
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: I got a 4 of these when I bought a couple of samplers on line. Praised be the internet. I buy samplers because I’m not flush enough to go for the high enders as often as I would like and besides, who wants to eat the same thing every day. Cows? Even if it was foix gras. These were the worst looking cigars in the sampler and were almost brick hard. They had not been given much love and care and which was probably why they were in the sampler to begin with. A few months in my humidor did not remedy this situation very much. I’m not a maduro maven and the Brazilian wrapper doesn’t have a whole lot of eye appeal to begin with. I’m not all that familiar with this ‘signature’ line of cigars and I didn’t have great expectations when I finally got around to lighting one up. As with other perfectos I’ve smoked, this cigar is pre-cut at both ends. You may want to moil-up the end you put in your mouth, just a bit. In fact, what the hell, give both ends a little snip. (So you’re not a rabbi!) Kind of customizes things, empowers the male ego and might actually improve stoke up and draw. Still, the first one I smoked was a tad difficult to light, which may be a quirk of the perfecto shape. Surprise! Surprise! (Don’t you just love that occasional pleasant surprise). Smoke! Wonderful! Wonderful! Smoke! A maduro with a bit of a hit. Not, hit-you-over-the-head-Cuban machismo, but like that first good cuppa joe in the morning, sans cream and sugar. Earthy, but without that horrible grassy finish the uninitiated cigar smokers and some reviewers seem to love and confuse as ‘flavor’. You ask yourself, so, how could something this petite have so much character? Instinct, like some great crawling cat waiting for the prey’s next move, kicks in. Reach for the Black Bush to help this perfecto live up to its name. It has to be 12 noon someplace. Three fingers…..well maybe a little more. Pour and puff.The lyrics “horse and carriage’ briefly drift through the brain. Near nirvana. Clearly this is not one of those ‘hecho a mano’ dog rockets that are thrown into the sampler and pretend they sell for $10 bucks a pop. A stroke of good luck for mois. This cigar isn’t even in good condition and it keeps on delivering. A very good smoke, no doubt about it. I won’t bore you with the details. I gave the other 3 bricks away to some appreciative friends (moochers all). I’m half way through my first box and not an iota of disappointment have I. A terrific smoke! Burns, long and well. Let this little perfecto be with you. Break down and buy one from your local cigar store. Then buy a box on the internet. Praised be the internet. Your humidor should never be without a couple of these so you have an excuse to drink Black Bush. That is, if you ever really need one, after all, it gotta be 12 o’clock some place. Smoke on!!!!

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