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"A Smooth, Strong, One Demensional Ride"

Review by: Scotty
Review Date: 12/08/2006
Rating: 6.83
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: An Elegant cigar to behold with the double Padron banding. Mine was numbered 524668. It guarantees it authenticity. Whatever that means. The somewhat glossy, dark brown (I assume this was the me out here the maduro black or dark brown?) Nicaraguan wrapper was seamless and handsome. This cigar had been in my box for 9 months. Gauge said good to go. Prelight aroma was of full, straight, smooth, well aged tobacco. What I smelt was what I tasted. The Flavor? There really wasn't any. This stick allows you to receive smooth, straight, well aged tobacco at a full throttle pace (draw was a tad loose all through, burn was uneven in last third) without blowing your palate apart. Boom...Pow....full tobacco all through, smooth yes, but incredibly boring and one demensional. I kept waiting for something different to happen with this. Nothing different ever happened and I smoked this to the nub. I can appreciate the smooth power of this Nicaraguan Puro but I can't say I really enjoyed it that much. It bored me. The salt and pepper ash on this was aggravatingly exciting as it was very flakey and llittered my lap. I can certainly enjoy full bodied cigars. I love a Cuban Cohiba when I can get and afford one, I love the strong, smooth balance of flavor and power in a well aged Rocky Patel Sun Grown or a Gran Habano, and I love the Joya De Nicararagua Antano (another Nicaraguan puro) But there are some nice flavor overtones within the full bodied tobaccoo to all those that this cigar lacked. Did my wife pay $25 for a bad stick? Maybe. Will I pay $25 to try this cigar again to find out? I doubt. In the reviews I read here for this stick a few seem to be reviewing the 40th anniversary 1926. That's a different cigar. Others, when they seem to be be reviewing the correct cigar never mention much flavor wise with these. Maybe this one demensional experience, much like veteran reviewer Dabarian mentions, is just what you get with these and this cigar is just not for me. For $25-ish a throw can you see why I am not quite ready to jump back in the saddle with this?

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