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"Head Turner"

Review by: Shaefer
Review Date: 01/04/2003
Rating: 7
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Review Notes: This one is a head turner, I have gotten some strange looks when smoking this cigar in public. Not surprising though when you have a Puros Indios Piramide No. 1 hanging out of your mouth, it looks as if you might have pulled a log out of your wood pile. The No.1 is huge, definitely the largest cigar I have smoked, I have had cigars that claim to be the same ring size, but this thing just feels bigger. It is nice cigar to look, with its dark, and oily Colorado wrapper. Being so oddly shaped it is kind of mesmerizing it is figuardo style with pyramid style head. The end however is a bit different, it does not come to a point yet slims and juts out in what appears to be a pencil shaped cigar for about a third of an inch. Now this makes for very quick lighting but also makes in my experience for an uneven burn. I have smoked about 10 of these and they never keep an even burn. Usually they achieve an even burn sometime during the smoke, but usually tunnel wildly. I have been surprised though that for such a large cigar they stay lit pretty well. These cigars are full bodied and to my pallet have a burnt nutty flavor, with massive amounts of smoke. It is not for the weak hearted, buzz factor of about 9. This baseball bat will piss off an entire bar full of people, so chose wisely where you smoke one of these. The No. 1 is a solid two hour cigar and is made to be savored. Donít be afraid to leave these in your humidor for a while they only get better with age. I purchased a box of these about 2 years ago, and have just recently finished it, I paid $55.00 for a box of 10 through a wholesale company. BOTTOM LINE: A perfect cigar for poker night or any night with the fellas, should consider smoking outside though, good flavor, solid construction, crazy burn, but also very fun cigar.

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