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"Golf Cigar"

Review by: Shaefer
Review Date: 01/03/2003
Rating: 7.17
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: Let me start by saying I have smoked about 30 of these cigars. I purchased a couple of boxes at a steal off an auction site on the internet. These are my absolute favorite golf cigar. They meet the requirements: reliably good, hearty, lots of smoke and of course reasonably priced. I hand these things out like tees on the links. The construction of these cigars is fair, but the consistency of these is where itís at, they are always good. They are very nice to look at; they are slightly dark with the Sumatra wrapper and have some big hairy veins. Now, I am a torpedo man, so one of the first things I look at is the cap. The cap on this 5 Vegas is one of the best I have ever seen, it affixes almost seamlessly to the cigar. After cutting this cigar, unlit, the draw was great. After this baby was lit the draw was even better, and it maintained all the way through. I have had about 50% of these gars plug up towards the end (this could be due to I cut a bit short, slop them up, but if I need more draw I make a deeper cut). This one had a nice even burn until the last inch and a half then it started to burn up one side. I have found this to be common for these cigars, some burn flawless some burn every which way, whatí ya going to do? This is a medium bodied cigar, very smooth, and I want to say that I it has tasted somewhat nutty sometimes. I think it all depends on what you are drinking at the time. On the links I burn through these pretty fast, about an hour. Bottom line: for the price these kick ass, I smoke them like theyíre cigarettes. I have yet to have any of my friends tell me that they didnít like these. I bought these for about $30.00 a box, they usually retail for about $65.00 a box. These are cheap enough that if you get a bad burn, you can toss it and grab another one. Let emí rip, a great everyday smoker.

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