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Review by: Travis
Review Date: 07/30/2006
Rating: 7.17
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Review Notes: I bought this cigar months ago ($27) to smoke when I finished grad. school. That day finally came, so with much anticipation, I pulled it out of the humidor and fired it up. It started off with crisp clover and alfalfa flavors over notes of cedar and remained that way for the first 1 Ė 2 inches. After that, it turned to clean cedar with some very faint vanilla and cream on the finish. The construction was perfect Ė likely the best Iíve experienced with a Habano - and the burn was equally as good. The quality of this cigar was unquestionable, both in terms of the choice tobacco used to make it and the craftsmanship of its construction. Keep all of that in mind as I now tell you that I was rather let-down by this stick. I was expecting a rich, spicy, creamy, flavorful experience that was second-to-none. This cigar was a refined, sophisticated, medium-bodied smoke with little character. In that sense, it reminded me a lot of the Padron í64 series, which I also donít care for. (I have more respect for Padron í64 fans now though. If the Cohiba Esplindido really is a benchmark cigar, then Padron hits the mark quite well). Given all the hype, I was expecting to be blown away. But the reality of the situation is that Iíve had many, many cigars that I liked better than this Ė a lot of which are not even Cuban. So while this was not a bad smoke, I felt it was dull and could have been a lot better. I do recognize however that this is purely a matter of personal opinion. My advice is that if you have the opportunity to try one of these you should do so, but be mindful of the fact that while you will get a quality cigar, you likely wonít find it remarkably better than most other good cigars, (as the hype would lead you to believe). P.S. Ė In case youíre questioning the authenticity of this cigar, donít. I didnít get it off some beach vendor in Cancun - I bought it from

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