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"Intriguing Cuban Parejo"

Review by: Uncle Booga
Review Date: 06/29/2003
Rating: 8.5
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: I was out mowing the yard today and when I was finished, Mrs. Booga and I had to go to the wedding of one of the people she works with. There was a reception, but we didnít feel like going. Temps were in the upper 80s with a hefty amount of humidity. When we got home, I decided to get in the hot tub (temp is around 95 degrees, so it is just warm enough without being uncomfortable in the heat) and decided to light up a Perdomo Cuban Parejo - never had one before. The baby is real impressive looking - weíre talking a 60 ring size - and the red-tinged brown wrapper is beautiful. Iíve never smoked anything this large before and I had search around for a cutter large enough for its girth. A dry draw produced some heavy peppery tastes and I thought I might be in for so trouble (hadnít eaten much today, just a bagel, about 4 cups of coffee and a few cheese and crackers), nevertheless I forged ahead. I had some trouble getting it lit properly which yielded a pretty harsh tasting first puff as well as an irregular burn. I settled down in the hot tub and started taking my time with it and the harsh taste disappeared quickly and after a bit the burn evened up on its own. This cigar is a full-flavored baby with voluminous amounts of smoke, but what intrigued me the most was the taste. After the initial harshness (I think because of my botched lighting), the taste evened out into a really nice cedary taste. This lasted through about the first half of the cigar when it started segueing into the peppery taste I had experienced on the dry draw. There was a flash of harshness again just as the peppery taste was kicking in, but it vanished again. Now comes the real interesting part - for the last half of the cigar, the cedar and pepper tastes were both present, but would alternate for dominance. It was truly a unique - but pleasing - experience. For a draw or two I would get a strong pepper taste, followed on the next couple of draws by the cedary taste, than moving back to the pepper. Iíve never experienced anything similar to this, but it was really, really tasty. The ash was a nice medium gray and the initial ash hung on for almost two inches before I tapped it - and thatís with me moving around in a bubbling hot tub. It took me about 80 minutes to kill this baby - my toes were puckering from being in the water that long - but it was definitely worth it. Certainly this cigar is full flavored, but it was never overpowering. The cigar got a little mushy towards the last two inches, but I attribute that for being just above the surface of warm, bubbling water for over an hour. And, yah - I nubbed it. Regarding the large ring size, I didnít find it bothersome, just donít be chewiní on it a lot or yah may land up with lockjaw! This was a real pleasant smoking experience.

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