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"Strong name, but the cigar was plesant..."

Review by: Vectris
Review Date: 01/06/2010
Rating: 8.2
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: The Diesel has a firm, dark, and toothy appearance upon inspection. The construction was excellent. The draw was fluid and produced plenty of smoke, even though I used a shallower cut than usual. The burn was very even (not perfect) and required no touchups at all. The burn became slightly unbalanced twice and self-corrected both times. There were 2 hygrometers in the humi with this cigar and both read 66 humidity at the time of pulling. The cigar had rested there for 2 months. I honestly was expecting this to be a complete pepper stick based off the reputation, but I was pleasantly surprised. The following results were based off the experience smoking with my wife. We drank water and tried to cleanse our palate often to describe the flavors as best as possible. The cigar starts with a flavor profile of light pepper (taste only, no spicy burning) and earthiness. Shortly after the opening, the earthiness was gone forever, and a light sweetness that was similar to apple or maple (we could not pin it) began to blend in with a mild wood (maybe Cedar) taste. The second stage of the cigar (almost halfway) mellowed away from the pepper completely, but the flavor and sweetness of maple developed enough to clearly identify it, and the woodsy flavor turned to nutmeg. The cigar also had an odd smell similar to the moss of a tree. Just as the second stage was closing into the last third of the cigar, the maple sweetness with a hint of the nutmeg dominated completely for a few puffs, which was totally unexpected. The third stage brought back more strength to the wood and pepper flavors, while the sweetness slowly faded into the background. There was also a spiciness that started developing with the pepper. As the cigar drew close to the nub, the pepper and spice were showcased mainly due to the other flavors fading away more than them getting powerful. There was never a harshness or bitterness at any point. The ash was white with streaks of grey, and very firm. At one point with over an inch of ash, I tapped the cigar 6 times but it would not drop. I had to take a few more puffs and give it a real solid thump to drop the ash. I dropped the ash twice and both times it landed intact solidly in the tray. The Unholy Cocktail is multi-dimensional with great construction. The value is excellent for the experience. I would definitely smoke this cigar again, and it is one of my wife's favorites.

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