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"Easying going, medium body with spice/mint"

Review by: arclight
Review Date: 07/30/2009
Rating: 6.8
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: Construction and wrapper of this stick was very nice and on par with Aurora Preferidos overall. I will say it had a wonderful oil on the wrapper and a nice firm feel with some give. The pre-light draw had nice mild flavor. I do find that double Perfectos 6 inches and over, like this one, seem to need a bit deeper cut than you might normally for a Perfecto. Works out better in the end I find. The foot was a nice easy light of course and the fist 2/3 had similar burn patterns to Aurora Perfectos (slightly uneven, but nothing to write home about). The first 1/3 was a pleseant mild flavor with spice hints that seemed to suggest at a more medium body to come, which was nice. It left a tiny tickle on the back of the tongue that matched nicely with the flavor. The smoke was a bright white and looked great. At the start of the second 1/3 I did touch up the burn a bit. At this point the cigar took a deeper medium body and more pronouced spice. The flavors really warmed up, giving off spice, subtle mint and at one point some leather. I will say that the taste of spice and slight mint was very nice. And the draw was perfect. Through the first 2/3 this was a great stick, had me totally relaxed and paired well with a Harpoon IPA. Nearing the last third the burn issues picked up as the stick seemed to cool suddenly. Before I continue, I really should have let this sit in a humidor for a month or more and paid for not. Inconsistencies in burn, heat and flavor left me feeling a bit off about it in the final 1/3. Personally, I find the last 1/3 of a stick a very satisfying experience and this one was lacking. I will say that my favorite type of cigar is Double Perfecto and I find that they are better suited to 5 inches. This stick being a bit longer resulted in what I've found to be a typical Double Perfecto problem in the final 1/3 of 6 inch and above. Though those problems are usually limited to burn, this one had wildly fluxuating flavor issues (I think it could have been different had I tempered it with a good humidor sitting). Overall, construction was great, and the first 2/3 were well above par, fantasitcally relaxing. Again, well paired with IPA or Sam Lager. The last 1/3 was inconsistent and lacking, which was disappointing and started to get frustrating. I bought this at Gloucester St Cigar in Boston and paid a bit over MSRP (It is Boston afterall). I would say that to leave this in your humidor for two to four weeks minimal after purchase in mandatory (I did not do this).

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