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"Too young, I think."

Review by: bimmian
Review Date: 07/29/2009
Rating: 8
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: Let me start by saying that I was impatient to see what the CODY (Cigar Of Da Year) would deliver, and I smoked this the same day that I bought it. I will rest the others and review again later. A gorgeous stick, firm and hefty, with a dark, super-oily colorado wrapper and a nice band. Slightly veined with a few darker splotches here and there. Cap was well-executed and held together from clip to last draw. Lit perfectly, with a lush draw that poured out buckets of very flavorful smoke, but the burn was uneven for most of the stick, probably due to it's youth. 1st 3rd was like a Padron maduro and an Oliva Serie V lovechild - spicy and sweet, with coffee and cocoa in every draw. 2nd 3rd was where it really shined for me. The flavor complexity just turned on after the 1st ash dropped and it seemed like every other draw yielded a slightly different flavor. Some parts reminded me of a good PSD4, but mellower and Edmundo sized. Heavenly! A nice, cedary nuttiness with some leathery notes joined the party, with fruity hints drifting in and out occasionally. The spice mellowed to where I could roll the smoke through my nose without tearing up and it was lovely. Then suddenly, it turned one-dimensional on me. The sweetness and spice completely disappeared and only the leather and coffee tastes remained, and it turned tarry and slightly bitter. Like burnt coffee... It reminded me of the last 3rd of a Torano Exodus, which I honestly don't care for at all. You can imagine my displeasure at this development only halfway through. The last 3rd remained the same, with the spice returning for a bit but disappearing just as quickly. I smoked it to a nub, just to see if it would improve, but it didn't. I can already see the potential in aging this cigar, though. If the flavors marry and the 2nd half mellows out, this will become a truly great cigar in a year or 2. That oily wrapper will grow a nice plume to look at too, I'll bet. I would definitely recommend, but also advise to let rest and don't be impatient like me! Like I said, I will review again in a while and I'm POSITIVE that it will be a much different tune I sing by then! It might be fun to buy a box and smoke one every few months just to see how it develops! Buy some, even if only to say you tried it! You won't regret it. Let them rest and Habanos S.A. won't have much up on these babies, I'm betting.

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