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"Only 1 complaint... And its a small one."

Review by: bimmian
Review Date: 07/11/2009
Rating: 7.4
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: This will be my 1st review, hope you enjoy it.. Let me start off by saying that I usually smoke Cubans (and sometimes fake Cubans, unfortunately) and this $3-4 cigar is still ranked in my top 20 in my humidors. Now that I've said that, my one complaint is that PADRONS NEED BIGGER CAPS! Padrons always have a tiny little joke of a cap! Even the anniversaries! I'm never sure where to clip it to keep it from unravelling at the head.. I punched a maduro once and had the whole cap crack and fall off. To their credit, though, I've only had ONE (out of maybe 10) that actually unravelled due to the cap being trimmed too far off. If any padron exec reads this: WHY IS YOUR CAP SO SMALL?! Ranting over. On to the cigar.. Looks like a dog-rocket. Lumpy and bumpy with imperfections on the wrapper and a poorly cut foot on this one. There is a slight gap in the wrapper as it spirals up towards the head. Smokes like a $20 stick, though. This thing is built like a champ. Flavors are good, too! Pre-light (after a CAREFUL clipping) was of mild spices and cocoa powder with a grassy undertone. Toasted and lit, and got an explosion of cocoa, coffee, and sweet, rich tobacco flavors with just a hint of spice to keep me interested. A meaty undertone that drifted in and out through the 2nd half was nice. The flavors didn't really change for me, but grew in depth and profile as I smoked it down to about 2". Stayed smooth and creamy. I'm confident it would have burned perfectly to a nub, but I ran out of time. The aroma was of dark chocolate and good tobacco. Strength was very medium-bodied to me, milder than what I usually smoke, but still satisfying enough. The finish was like the aroma of fresh ground coffee beans and never dry. It stayed long enough to be nice, but not so long as to still taste it in the morning. The draw was loose. I like a little resistance, but I wouldn't knock off points for my personal preferences. It yielded great big clouds of that delicious smoke, anyway! I rated this on my own personal 0-100 scale as an 83. (which is VERY good to me, just so you know. I think CA scores are way higher than mostly all of the cigars deserve.) Overall, highly recommended to beginner and experienced alike. If you value the smoke and the burn more than the appearance and bragging rights, this is one to keep handy.

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