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"Please sir, may I have another??"

Review by: erOksta
Review Date: 09/24/2006
Rating: 9.33
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Review Notes: I've been working my way through cigars this past year trying to find what suits me. This is no easy task given that there are hundreds to choose from. I've tried to agree with "hypers" that flip out over certain rare cigars and I can't figure out what's so likeable about them. Have these veteran smokers burnt their tastebuds? Anyway, I was recommended this smoke by my "cigar mentor" of sorts. Now I haven't really smoked Ashtons much due to the blandness of one I was given earlier this year. I don't even know what kind it was. But last night I went down to the south side of Pittsburgh to stroll with some homies. I opened my cigar box, (stop clownin', I haven't bought a humidor yet) and randomly grabbed the VSG Robusto from among the five or six that I keep at a time. I was praying that this would be the "one". Let me be honest for a minute, I smoke about two cigars a week and have yet to find one that I will buy again. Seriously. So I lit this VSG up and as always, waited 'till I was one to two inches into the thing before evaluating the taste.This may be strange but the first thing I notice is how my saliva feels when I swallow. Sometimes it tastes unpleasant so I end up spitting the whole while I'm smoking. Well the sensation my mouth felt was first like a cocoa blanket unrolling, then within a smoothness I have never tasted, the smoke started making love to my mouth. I don't know how else to explain it. I was praying now that the thing wouldn't take a U-turn halfway through or so, which is common with cigars. My prayers were answered. I found myself an hour or so later regretting that my fingers were blistering. I only had to fix the burn one or two times. The construction was excellent. The cigar was a beautiful dark, oily brown. I will be down at the shop tomorrow to buy five more. If they are as good as the one I smoked, I will spring for a humidor to keep my first bought box in.I can only rate according to my experience so be mindful when reviewing.

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