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"Real niiiiccce!"

Review by: erOksta
Review Date: 10/29/2006
Rating: 9.17
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: I had three of these a couple years ago but my tastes hadn't been refined yet and I couldn't tell you with certainty how they were. About a month ago an acquaintance of mine went to Aruba for a mini vaca. He brought home a couple Montys and one of these. I got first pick and since I don't come across these too often, I grabbed it up. I offered to reimburse him the 7 dollars he paid for it but he declined respectfully. I thanked him and put it away when I got home. I was hesitant to be excited because since he had only paid 7 bones for it, I was sure it was a fakie. I looked closely and the label seemed legit. Now I was still hesitant because of the bad luck I've had with supposed "top notch" cigars. I wanted so bad for it to own up to the hype Cubans receive. I sat on it for a month and today seemed like the right day to bust it out. It felt a little dry and I was concerned that I lost flavor due to improper storage but all those concerns were about to go away. I know some people like to have scotch or coffee while enjoying a smoke but often I have a tall glass of room temperature water next to me. It cleans my palette nicely and I just like water. Anyway, I lit it right after the steelers kickoff. I gently got it burning how I like and sat back, waiting my way through the first inch before evaluating. I was impressed with it already. I couldn't place the tastes quite yet so I kept smoking. I saw another review that claimed a "grassy" taste but I would venture to say it was more like sweet celery. I could taste salt as well. I was really diggin' the balance of salt and sweet. (Almost like light cane sugar) The ash was white (if anyone cares) and if I wouldn't have bumped my hand in excitement due to the game I was watching, the ash would've reached 3 inches before falling off. By that time The flavor had added nuts and cream to the recipe. That's pretty much how the whole thing smoked and I'm glad because it was a true treat. The burn was even with a medium sweet finish. It lasted close to 2 hours. I'm glad I smoked it so I can add my 2 cents and agree with others about Cubans. (At least my limited experience.) First impressions last and I expect nothing less from my next ones.

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