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Review by: erOksta
Review Date: 10/10/2006
Rating: 8.83
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: Well, I picked up two of these, the last two at the local spot. I knew these were getting good reviews and usually if I get a cigar that I haven't tried before, I throw it in the humi and smoke it within a week or so. Well, I've done this before and regretted that when I went to grab another, there were no more left. So that's why I grabbed two. I decided that due to it's smaller size, I would smoke it on the way home from work. Well it started out good. I lit it at the shop and when I started noticing the burn, I was a little disappointed. It was very uneven. The wrapper wasn't rolled tight enough and there were air pockets between the filler and the wrapper. I tried rotating it and hoping it would fix itself. No good, so with no lighter or matches to fix it, I just kept smoking. Normally, I would've been pissed and threw it but it tasted so good that I had to keep going. It was soooo sweet. I left it hanging from the corner of my mouth since the truck I drive is a stick. I unintentionally was drawing only a little at a time and when I realized what I was doing, I was amazed at the flavor I was getting. I pulled it out and tried my usual puff, puff, draw, hold that I usually do. That tasted good but not like when I was slowly drawing with it hanging from my mouth. I could really pick out the flavors. Oaky, earthy, and some spice. I was almost home at this point but didn't want to put it out. I cruised past the house to a walking trail nearby. I walked down to this one spot where water accumulates sorta like a glorified pond. I sat on a rock and tried to get back what I was experiencing in the truck. The thing was still burning so uneven that it wasn't funny but I didn't care. I drew ever so slightly. I definitely could pick out vanilla and spice now, very strong. I could even taste hints of citrus. I sat for another half an hour amazed at the punch in this little guy. The finish was beautifully LONG. I am very glad that I got two of these babies. I think the bad construction was an isolated incident because after examining the other, I can't see any visible flaws. I'll be honest, I've been trying all the top rated cigars and this one is THE best flavor I've discovered. Padron 64 Imperial is my 2nd fav. I recommend picking these up!

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