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"Arturo fuente Sun Grown Double Chateau Fuente"

Review by: psycigardelic
Review Date: 08/14/2005
Rating: 7.83
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Review Notes: Arturo Fuente Sun Grown Double Chateau Fuente This Sun grown Double Chat was gifted to me by BruceOLee to be smoked while I watch the Fuente Family and OpusX movies. Well, I've already seen both but I wanted to make my wife and mother watch the Fuente Family movie because I found it to be very inspirational and moving. I have smoked the AFSGChateau Fuente which is about half the size of the double. I did not expect the Chat Fuente to be so good and I was very suprised at how deep the flavors were. The Chateau Fuente series is cleverly named so because they are made at the Fuente Family's Chateau Fuente alongside with the famous Fuente Fuente OpusX brand. I allowed the cigar about two weeks to rejuvenate and rehydrate itself. So I started up the Fuente Family DVD with my wife by my side, who was working on a puzzle. My mom sat in a recliner drinking her coffee and smoking her cigarettes. It was her who encouraged me to chose this cigar over the Padron Anniversary, which I have already reviewed. I had just finished a light breakfast of two biscuits and imbibed my favorite sunday stimulating libation, a homemade Vanilla Cappuccino. The Arturo Fuente Sun Grown Double Chateau Feunte is magnificent looking cigar with an idealistic size of 6 3/4 x 50. While this Toro was gifted to me they generally cost a mere $6.00. That is about how much a hemmingway short will set you back and less than an AF Conones Maduro, which is another great treat from the fuente family. What a delightful value for this cigar! The wrapper appears just as all good cigars should: Flawlessly smooth, Dark, and Oily. The foot was slightly boxy but the overall construction (prelight) was very good. The prelight aroma and taste resembles the actual taste of the cigar. The taste of Sun Grown Chateau Fuente is a brilliantly balanced mixture of spicey and woody with captivatingly mysterious unidentifiable undertones. You will also detect a peppery taste to the finish, which I find to be quite enjoyable. I expect the Double Chateau fuente to have similiar characteristics but there is only one way to know. It's time to light up! I lightly heated the foot get the juices flowin'. Using a BIC lighter, which I normally don't do, I got a nearly flawless burn going, also something that I rarely can do :). I was a bit suprised at the gentle nature of the initial puff. From the first immediate puff from lighting, the smoke was cool, inviting, and full of flavor. Making my way through the foot of the cigar, towards the body, their is a bit of a micro-evolution of taste, a sort of Mini-proression if you will. Within about 5 puffs in 3 minutes the taste progresses into a deep peppery flavor with pleasant palate penetrating finish. The beautiful slate colored ash is full of crevices which bind together forming intricate fractals that compliment the visions formed in the smoke which dance to the heavens (Aka, my ceiling fan) carrying the prayers of my family. The ash is beginning to arch upwards towards the sky as well. This divine stogie is sending me many signals that it is destined for that holy place in the sky where all good cigars end up when they are smoked. I've finally made my way into the body of the cigar. I am completely shocked at how incredibly smooth and tame the cigar is. The smaller sized Chat Fuente was much more robust and fuller bodied than this. The finish is freaking awesome tasting. This is another one of those cigars that you have to experience nasally. New nasal finish reveals a new sort of spicy flavor. "Spicy" really does justice to the description of this cigars flavor. It reminds me very much of a Carlos Torano that I have smoked before, possibly the 1916 cameroon but it still possesses its own interesting elements. Just as in the Chat Fuente there is this undefinable mysterious undertone that I can't quite put my finger on. A small mushroom shaped piece of wrapper leaf curved up into the ash in the shape of a tribal tattoo and looked similiar to a large wave about to crash back into the ocean. Despite the wrapper curl I still think the burn was perfect, I dont look at that like a flaw but rather a demonstration of the patterns of chaos in nature. There are a few spots where it flakes off and others that form crevices which really make the ash a beautiful piece of artwork that you can watch and experience the creation of. I often talk about the ash and how beautiful it is and how it is a negative image of the cigar itself forming a perfect replica and such. I am totally obsessed with the ash, and would love to do a photo series of the various types of ash produced by different cigars. The ash and the rising smoke from the foot form fansiful visions and imagery that inspire much imagination in me. It is like being able to sit there and watch a legendary artist paint a masterpiece or even like watching the torcedor roll the cigar all over again except backwards and metaphysically. The few dark spots on the ash remind me of the craters on the moon. The ash flakes off in spots like solar flares emerging from the firey sun forming what looks like a royal crown around the burning foot of the cigar. The wrapper curl burned away like smoltering lava devouring the land. Submersed in my mind, computer, and the review I wasn't paying much attention to the physical world and the towering ash came crashing down on me, completely missing the ashtray that I had sat on my lap. Now well into the body of the smoke, the progression hasn't increase in strength but rather much in flavor. Now possessing a delightful nutty flavor, not like my beloved 'Peanut Butter' flavor but more like a cashew note. The peppery nature had slipped into the subconscious and was now laying dormant in the background. Never forgetting what it is all about, the cigars flavor always embodies a piece of its past. It doesn't stray from its spiciness but only fluctuating the levels of it's different flavors. Creeping closer and closer to the end of the body I was making my way down to to the crown of this fabulous double chateau fuente. The smoke is becoming extremely heady and narcotic. It takes on a dark, almost demonic tone, there is now a sweet flavor that is left on the tongue from the finish. It much more resembles unrefined stevia leaf rather than sugar. There is a faint suggestion of a sweet sorghum syrup like flavor that lies just beneath the surface of the thick and robust woodsy. The draw is becoming slightly more tight, producing less smoke from the burning foot and the tar content is elevating. Still burning perfectly even, the stogie takes a sharp left turn into a medium full bodied smoke but is still very pleasant. Never becoming too harsh or unpleasant this cigar was an absolute joy to smoke from beginning to end. For the price, this cigar is an absolute gem. This would be a fine cigar to smoke after a full meal and with a nice tall glass of your favorite libation. This is a man's cigar and would possibly be an acceptable outdoor, slow paced walk through the woods smoke without losing too much of the flavor profile to the wind. It would also be a great cigar to share with a friend. For those of you interested in learning how to detect flavors in cigars and haven't quite got the practice down yet, try one of these and see if you can find any similiar flavors that I had listed. The construction, The burn, The flavor and ash were all very excellent. Go out and have yourselves an Arturoo Fuente Sun Grown Double Chateau Feunte today! Thank you for taking time to read my review -psygardelic.

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