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"Another Fine Opus X"

Review by: rock
Review Date: 04/01/2004
Rating: 9.33
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: Another reviewer aptly pointed out that in order to enjoy an Opus X you really must prepare yourself for the smoke. Unlike other cigars I've smoked while on my riding lawn mower or walking around the deck, an Opus X must be smoked like one should drink wine - slowly savoring the flavors as they play games on your toungue. To smoke these cigars any other way is both a waste of money and of an otherwise good smoke! With this as our starting point, on to appearance - I sound like a broken record, but hands down - this IS the best looking cigar I've seen. The construction -I also noticed that this cigar did not burn as evenly as other cigars in this price range - however, the burn was not that uneven - towards the end the cigar righted itself. This as weighed against the superb draw and 55 minute smoke time without having to re-light permit me to rate it an 8 for construction. The flavor was rich, but creamy - not as powerful as larger ring sizes, but full of the same wonderful flavors and aromas I've come to enjoy and expect from an Opus X - coffee, toast, Earl Grey with cream. This size was perfect for a late night smoke where you don't want your head reeling for hours. Value - this is a bit of a unique category. I've noticed many people use the amount spent as an indication of a rating here. While this is a starting point for determining value, it must first be combined with your overall experience and then weighed against other cigars that cost more and less in order to fairly rate this category (my opinion, of course). I feel that if the cigar was excellent, then the only way the money should hurt the rating is if there are other cigars at this price that are far better. I don't feel that you will find many other cigars below $13 that are far better. No doubt, you will find some. I can comfortably say that this cigar is among the finest - not THE best, but certainly among the finest - If I paid more than $13, my rating would certainly change. Overall, an excellent smoke - my initial concerns over the ring gauge were quickly burned away.

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