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"Too artificial for everyday"

Review by: stogiegila
Review Date: 11/15/2006
Rating: 5.83
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Review Notes: I'm a bit skeptical of flavor infused cigars, so I went into this one with a bit of trepidation. However, the billing states that its infused with coffee and cocoa, so I figured that it couldn't be all that bad. This is a good looking stick with a dark marbelized maduro wrapper. The wrapper has minimal veining but does have a few water spots along with a peculiar flat top cap. The cigar is firmly boxed pressed with crisp edges (I'm a in-the-round man, myself). The bunching is a bit soft, but uniform throughout the length of the cigar (5 1/2x50). The band is simple elegant and dignified and the color complements the wrapper color nicely. The prelight aroma is super sweet with notes of coffee and chocolate. The wrapper has an artificially sweet taste to it, it's sugary and candy like (and a bit of a distraction). Prelight draw was fine and produced a sweet candy (chocolate and cocoa) taste. The draw and smoke volume are good, but I would have liked the smoke volume to be a bit better. The initial flavors are overly sweet candy cocoa\chocolate flavors, with an undertone of tobacco. There is a sweet brownie like flavor left on your lips and an unusual aftertaste. This cigar reminds me a bit of John T's, which are cigars rolled with pipe tobacco. The artificial flavoring is a bit overpowering. There is no spice to speak of except for the aroma which has a spicy brownie like scent. The burn is very good, straight and with a light grey solid ash. This cigar is definitely not your normal cigar. The taste, aroma and finish all indicate that you are smoking something different. I would have prefered a bit more of a natural cigar\tobacco flavor mixed in with the infused flavors. This smoke kept bringing into mind a Swisher Sweet or even closer the aforementioned John T's (but in a much higher class cigar). This cigar would definitely alter the scent and possibly the taste of the other smokes within your humidor (so its best to keep these guys separate). The smoke stayed pretty consistent throughout the first and second thirds. The last third did see an increase in spice and a toning down of the artifical flavors. Perfect timing too, as I was getting tired of smoking candy. I found the last third to be enjoyable, more cigar than artificial sweetner. While the aroma was nice and probably more receptive to a non-smoker than a conventional cigar, I found these to be more in line with a once in a blue moon type of smoke and not something I could enjoy on a regular basis. I think I prefer my cigars to taste like a cigar. I found the Java by Drew Estates to be a well made, solidly constructed mild strength, medium bodied artifically flavored cigar in which the overly sweet notes distract from the cigar tobacco you are smoking. Worth a try, but not a regular in my book.

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