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"Delicious As Expected"

Review by: viceloungeonline
Review Date: 03/31/2011
Rating: 9.4
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Overall Experience

Review Notes: The Experience: Initial Impression— I originally picked this smoke up because I knew how much I enjoyed Macs (the cigar, not the computer), in general. I grabbed two of these because I had planned on these being the smoke of choice for my monthly “Guys Cigar Night”. They, however, ended up being saved for a friend and me to smoke on a recent roadtrip. Appearance— This tubed smoke has a nice oily brown wrapper which was smooth to this eye but construction-wise was hard to the touch. I was a little concerned that perhaps they had not been properly maintained in my friend’s humidor (I forgot them and left them at his place after the guy’s smoke night concluded). Alas, the cut was clean and the smoke was fine so I unnecessarily faulted Jay for no reason. Lighting/Burning/Ash— The cigar lit perfectly and maintained its quality light from beginning to end. The ash was a very solid white-ish/gray that clung to the cigar, many times even after I’d attempted to ash it at 80 miles an hour out my car window. It did, at one point in time, burn a touch unevenly but I attribute that to sticking the cigar out the window and not maintaining it in a more proper fashion. Consistency/Draw—The draw was nice, albeit, a touch tight. Near the half-way point I was concerned that perhaps it would go out if I didn’t take puffs off it on a more frequent basis than I originally had been smoking. That said, the draw really was damn near perfect so don’t let my paranoia concern you. My friend, for what it’s worth, was smoking the other one and he had zero concern about draw. The consistency was great, although, both my friend and I both noticed it became a bit peppery near the last quarter of the stick. However, we both commented on how nice the change in flavor it was, so the fact that it wasn’t completely consistent from beginning to end is not to be considered a negative. Maintenance/Flavor— The flavor was typical quality, which is to be expected with a Mac. The cigar is a medium flavored cigar, which is a nice change of pace from their Café brand. It’s nice to have a little more flavor/body to this cigar, although I’m not knocking the quality of the Café brand. It’s just different. As for maintenance, it was superb. I didn’t have to re-light my stick, neither did my friend. The head of my cigar did start to peel half way through but, again, that’s no fault of the cigar…it is 100% mine. I was biting on the cigar, causing the tobacco leaf to fray and peel. Reflection & Rating This was a new cigar for me, but I’m just as pleased with it as I am any other Mac cigar. I enjoyed that the cigar, which was vegetal in nature for the first three-quarters became more peppery at the end. The only down side, is I found it to also because a bit acidic as well. That being said, My friend (who also noted the pepper flavor) did not have any acidic issues so either I’m hyper aware of the flavor or my cigar was just a touch different in quality than my friend’s. Either way, still a top quality smoke and Mac as a cigar brand is in my Top 5 cigars. For that reason, I would rate this smoke as an A

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