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Saturday, 16 April 2005

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This is humidification for the big boys and girls.

The Accumonitor humidification system takes care of your cigars like the head masseuse at a Four Seasons resort. 

If your not a cigar fanatic, with overriding nervous anxieties about creating the perfect climate for your cigars, read no further.  The Accumonitor humidification system allows you to build the custom humidified environment monitored by scientifically accurate equipment.  But damn, you better be serious about this.

The system consists of 4 primary pieces of equipment.  Digital hygrometer, Control Panel, circulation fans, and humidity canisters.  This thing is serious looking, and can very easily scare a user away from putting this together.  The directions were OK, and should be sufficient for most avid smokers, and those will be the folks ponying up for an Accumonitor.

Control Panel and Hygrometer

Our system arrived promptly, and consisted of: 

1 - Control Panel
1 - Digital Hygrometer
4 - Humidity Canisters
4 - Circulation Fans

All needed cabling, and testing packet.

We were attempting to humidify a 7 foot tall by 4 foot wide display humidor.  Our display humidor was only 18 inches deep, so posed a challenge for circulating the air. We first installed our Control Panel in the lower left of our humidor, and ran a cable that would hook up with the humidity sensor (small black item in picture at right) up to the middle of the cabinet, 5 feet above the ground.  After doing this we figured that our 4 humidity canisters should be spaced evenly throughout the bottom of our humidor, with the middle two shooting from 12 inches higher than the outside units.

Humidity Canisters

On to circulation.  We had 4 fans to move the air around with, and went the following plan.  Two fans sucking up air from about 1.5 feet above the middle humidity canisters, and two fans on each side of the very top of our humidor, blowing at each other.  All the connections, be it fans or humidity canisters, were extremely easy and user friendly to connect to the control panel.

Hook everything up to the control panel, fill up the humidity canisters, and hit the on button.  Bam, on came the fans and canisters in an attempt to humidify this bone dry humidor.  By the way, we set things a bit moist for the test, trying to reach and maintain a 72% humidity level.

So how did it go?  Amazing to say the least.  First, the Accumonitor got this humidor up to a sustained 72% humidity in about 6 hours.  Once it hit that, we gave it a couple days to stabilize.  We also had to add water at this point, as we had sucked up a ton getting this humidor going.

Over the next two months, we have had nary a concern, or complaint.  A couple recommendations for the folks at

Circulation Fans

Accumonitor though.  First, it would be nice to have an option for a little bigger water reservoirs.  Granted we had 4 quarts total of active water storage, that still only lasts us about 5 weeks.  We know, sign of a bad sealing humidor.  Probably, but many humidors of this size will not seal the best, or when you open the cabinet size front doors, you let the air in fast.  We needed a serious humidification system to test this guy, and the Accumonitor performed better than we could ever have expected.

One other thoughts for future versions of the Accumonitor.  A low humidity alarm is sorely needed.  Before we figured out that our humidor is a bit drafty, to say the least, we just let the Accumonitor do its thing.  Well it needs water to do "its thing", and we ran out pretty fast.  The only way we figured this out was looking at the humidity gauge one day, and seeing it at 61%, and looking inside to realize we were bone dry in all water reservoirs.  If we had to depend on ourselves to monitor this, we'd be dead in the water...a settable humidity alarm would be nice.

This is serious metal for the big boys only.  If your serious about your cigars, and you have some larger areas to keep accurately humidified, you will not regret going with the Accumonitor.

Read more about Accumonitor at:

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