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Friday, 15 March 2002

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acidacid nasty
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Check out the name, check out the looks, take a whiff, and you won't know whether to smoke it, hide it, or plant it. Check out the name, check out the looks, take a whiff, and you won't know whether to smoke it, hide it, or plant it. Reminiscent of the famous Steve Martin "Saturday Night Live" skit..."What the hell is that thing?" Once you figure out it 's a cigar and not some illegal form of mind altering drug, you may actually find yourself enjoying "doing the Nasty". In fact maybe this thing does have some funky stuff in it, here's a quote from a guest reviewer this month. "Disheveled. Wrapped in velvet, satin and silk, but tattered. Ragged, but bathed in the aroma of incense and spice. " Now we're not sure, but that sounds like love. This cigar is anything but traditional, but new trends make future traditions, so let's embrace the change...or move the cheese, or what ever that dang book said. Enough jokes about the looks, here's what was reported on taste. "Taste is actually fairly classic, rich, and strong, with an appealing bit of harshness. The incense isn't dominant or even really noticeable in the taste, but its presence is felt." The rest of the reviewers had similar comments. With most folks expecting something bizarre, and probably not that good, most were nicely surprised. This was a solid smoke, and not nearly as gimmicky tasting as it is looking. If you closed your eyes, and never saw the shape or psychedelic band, you would think you were smoking one of the stronger, higher quality cigars. For that matter, we guess you are! We've called Acid Cigars a "Lars Tetens Rip-off", but it's probably time we offer up an apology, these are no rip-off, they're a darn good compliment, and in some conditions a definite improvement. There is much to be said about this semi-beet shaped stogie, but we're afraid we won't be able to do the uniqueness justice. Give it a try, it's cheap by the "flowery scented cigar" standard, and if smoked in a public place will earn you some strange looks, and we all know you can't get enough strange looks. Vital Statistics: Shape = Upside down carrot. Length=5" RG = 52 Wrapper = Nicaragua Filler = Various Binder = Various Estimated Cost = $4.75

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