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Friday, 11 March 2011

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arturo fuentearturo fuente anejo no. 77 shark
illusioneillusione mk teaching machine


The MK is a good looking cigar with a rustic appearance. The wrapper is medium-brown in color, and it has a good amount of oil that is visible. There are only a few small veins that are noticeable. No major flaws are present. A subtle white and gold band sits near the head. It displays the MK name and blends in nicely with the color of the wrapper. The triple cap is very neat, and the cigar's overall construction is excellent. Then again, this seems to be the theme with many Illusione sticks. Feeling the cigar reveals that it is well-packed with tobacco. There are zero soft spots. As for the final pre-light characteristics, the MK offers a cold taste of cedar and a spicy aroma.

Once lit, the MK burns like a charm. The draw is superb, and there is ample smoke. The ash is very long and light gray in color. The burn never strays and stays even throughout. Touch-ups and re-lights are not necessary, which is always a plus in my book.

One simple word to describe the MK would be flavorful. It seems as if there is never a dull moment, and the cigar offers plenty of complexity. The familiar cedar flavor is noticeable right off the bat. Further into the first third comes some sweetness. The cigar's strength kicks up a notch in the second third with some spicy pepper. This remains dominant until the final third, which is marked by a lot of creaminess and some leather. The MK is very smooth overall, but it provides a little kick to keep you on your toes.

It's not much of a surprise that the MK Teaching Machine is a great cigar. Illusione has made a name for itself with other quality offerings, and the MK is no different. The cigar's construction and burn are top-notch, and its flavor is even better. Smoking time is around an hour, so this is a good pick for a cigar during various times of the day. It also has enough character on its own that you really don't need to pair it with a drink. Experienced smokers are likely to enjoy the MK, and beginners could give it a shot as well. The approximately $6 price tag on each MK makes the cigar a great value. Its price combined with its quality definitely makes it worthy of a box purchase.

The Illusione MK Teaching Machine earns a very solid rating of 3.5 out of four stars.









0 # Very good cigar for the moneyRC 2011-03-13 10:45
Bought some of these based on the review here and they are pretty good. They are up there with some of my other favorites such as the Bolivar Dominican, Excalibur 1066 and others. They are a very good smoke for the money and I am always looking for good cigars at reasonable prices. I also purchased a double cigar holder for $11.95 with shipping included, and now I don’t lose any cigars on the golf course and am a very happy camper!

Just my $0.02 worth.


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