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Tuesday, 04 June 2002

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arturo fuentearturo fuente flor fina 858 sun grown
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Could we slip a fast one by this month's Staff Review panel? Think again...these guys turned out to be pretty observant recognizing the Flor Fina 858.

After what seemed like more than the usual amount of below average staff reviews, it was time to mix things up a bit…throw those lucky chosen few a curve…send their minds spinning…make them second guess their pre-conceived cigar views.

Who were we kidding?  This turned out to be as much of a surprise as Mike Tyson eating another ear…been there, done that.

When we shot off a few Arturo Fuente Flor Fina 858 to the selected reviewers and asked their collective thoughts on this unbanded mystery cigar, what we got back was no mystery.

“A beautiful looking cigar, it's hard to hide the fact that it is a Fuente 858 Flor Fina sun grown by removing the band”

“Looks suspiciously like the 25 Flor Fina 858’s I have resting in my humi.”

I guess the cigar smoking world is not in a bad mood.  Some things will bring out their better side.  The construction of the Flor Fina 898 was evidently a thing dreams are made of, as the reviewers had no problems telling us the qualities of a well rolled cigar.

“A typical Fuente cigar with excellent construction and a nice looking sun grown wrapper.”

“Nice shiny wrapper that developed an oily sheen after it heated during the smoke. The cap was well applied, no overly large veins in the wrapper, and the smell of the cigar before lighting was great.”

Where there was talk of quality, there was talk of taste.  Not the kind of “Charo on Tequila” taste, but more of a “classic Enya” approach.  Constant, calming and enjoyable without being overwhelming flavor was noted throughout this cigar. Couple the flavor with the enjoyable aftertaste in the Flor Fina, and you start getting “B” and “B+” grades with the regularity of a Metamucil addict.  A few mentions of bitterness, but nothing that left anyone sprinting for the exits.

” The pre-light draw promised full bodied flavor and the smoking of it delivered on that promise. There was a leathery woodsy taste in the start of the smoke, after about five minutes it developed a slight bitterness, not enough to ruin the smoke, just enough to be noticed. The bitterness went away after just a couple of minutes and developed into a taste like strong black coffee. It dropped enough residue on my tongue to sting a little when I swallowed.”

“No surprises, sometime I like that.  I know what I’m going to get, and my expectations are met.  This is the definition of the “old stand by”.  Like my pickup truck with 150,000 miles on it, I know it’s going to be there.”

"Unfortunately the taste didn't change throughout the cigar and neither did the strength. I kept hoping and waiting for more power, but it never came. A great aftertaste…another really good cigar from the home of the master rollers.”

Naturally the love affair with the Flor Fina never wore off, and the bitterness problems were all but written off as likely to disappear with a little ageing.  No major flaws were mentioned, no big surprises, no tricks, fat spots, double bands, special herbs, funky names, just a darn solid cigar.  No special “Anniversary Bands”, lacquered collector boxes, celebrity spokespeople, pretty women on the box, just the cigar…and that’s it.

Sometimes it’s nice to see things as they should be…simple and rewarding  I think I’ll go give my pick-up truck a good drivin’.

Vital Statistics:


Shape = Grand Corona

Length=6"   RG = 47

Wrapper = Ecuadorian Sun Grown

Filler = Dominican Republic

Binder = Dominican Republic

Estimated Cost = $4.00

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