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Saturday, 16 March 2002

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avo belicoso maduromaduro
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Introduced in 1987, the Dominican made regular Avo line of cigars is a blend of 5 different mostly Cibao Valley Dominican tobaccos. Introduced in 1987, the Dominican made regular Avo line of cigars is a blend of 5 different mostly Cibao Valley Dominican tobaccos. The XO and Domaine lines feature cigars with different blends, more age, and a fuller bodied taste. As with the Griffin line, for 2000 Davidoff added the Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper to the regular line. For this review we sample the new Maduro Wrapped classic Avo. He shoots he scores! This was one of the more pleasurable surprises in our recent reviews, and we're starting to like surprises! The Avo line has never garnered much attention from Top25Cigar for reasons that...well...we couldn't tell you. In prior reviews, Avo's have not set themselves apart from the crowd, expect for their price and historic lineage. The Avo Belicoso Maduro is different. This hummer sings. From the second you take a look, to when you quietly say goodbye, your going to have some enjoyable "cigar-ing". The Avo Belicoso Maduro steps into the on-deck circle with gorgeous looks and Alex Rodriguez-like expectations. Most Texas Rangers fans are going to hope Alex can deliver like the Avo. Put this one under glass in the top of your humidor, as you got some humidor candy on your hands. Looks can kill. With exception of a few semi-soft spots the construction of the Avo is admirable. It's not the cigars strongest feature, but definitely can not be tagged a weak point. Watch this cigar burn for the first inch or so, and you'll wonder aloud if NASA engineers rolled the tip, as you'll need a micrometer to measure any variation in the burn. For a second we thought this may be attributable to our reviewers all qualifying as cigar lighting experts, but after that quick second went by, we came back to our senses. Taste was universally lauded. Many maduro smokes can come off as overly spicy or heavy, but this is not the case with the Avo. A nice synopsis of the group thoughts was given by one our more experienced reviewers: "This Avo maduro was not quite as spicy as some I’ve had in the past, but I consider that a positive. This maduro is light, but very flavorful. The taste is not heavy. The spice and complex flavors come on in the middle, but the cigar continues to smoke smoothly." The Avo is a cigar you can enjoy, spicy enough to garner attention, but no so much as to drown out the other flavors in the cigar. The Avo Belicoso Maduro pulled off a trick even David Copperfield couldn't duplicate, being tasty and full flavored, while maintaining a nice crisp light smoke. Give this one a try and you'll be better off for the experience. Vital Statistics: Shape = Belicoso Length=6" RG =48 Wrapper = Connecticut Filler = D.R. Binder = D.R. Estimated Cost = $7.00

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