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Saturday, 16 March 2002

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avoavo signature double corona
double coronaratings and scores
Avo Uvezian turned 75 this year. Wouldn't it be nice when we turn 75 if someone made a special cigar for us? Avo Uvezian turned 75 this year. Wouldn't it be nice when we turn 75 if someone made a special cigar for us? If your not rich enough to commission your own birthday cigar, have heart, as Avo is sharing his. We took some words from the press release announcing this cigar to give you an idea of what this Double Corona is composed of. "The special blend of this cigar cannot be compared with any other AVO cigar in terms of strength and aroma. The exclusive "sun grown" wrapper leaf from Ecuador underwent multiple fermentation in the Dominican Republic. The blend is composed of select Ligero and Seco tobaccos from the Piloto and San Vicente tobacco families which are cultivated in four different areas of the Cibao valley on this Caribbean Island." Wow, talk about setting high expectations! Can the Avo 75th Anniversary Double Corona lives up to the hype? Sort of. (editors note: These cigars were subseqently renamed Avo Signature) There are no questions about the quality surrounding this fine cigar. The construction is perfect, the wrapper is spotless, the ash is fantastic, and the reddish hue of the wrapper is about as inviting to the eyes as a cold beer brought to you in the hands of Jessica Alba. So how can we write all that and say it "sort of "lives up to the hype? Let's go over all the signs of a cigar that relies on marketing more than performance: 1. It has the word "Anniversary" somewhere in it's name. 2. It has two bands. 3. It is a "limited edition". 4. It has special, and beautiful packaging around it. 5. It has a price tag above $10. The Avo 75th Anniversary Double Corona hits on all 5 cylinders, but definitely outperforms many of the other cigars that have fit in this often times dubious category. Where we think this cigar fell a wee bit short was in the flavor department. We won't repeat all the supportive quotes we received about every aspect of this cigar, save the flavor, just believe us when we say they were overwhelmingly positive. Looks are great, but the rubber hits the road with the taste. "I was really expecting something special, especially after seeing how CA drooled over this cigar. I guess I was a bit let down, the flavor is spicier than most Avo's, dare I say robust, but nothing to fit the billing this cigar gets." "Good cigar...damn good cigar. To bad, I was expecting great. CA let me down again." "The only difference between this and any other "stronger" cigar is that it is from Avo. The packaging rocks, but the cigar strums an acoustic guitar!" Three fairly representative quotes. Perhaps the cigar suffers from "over-packaging", setting unreachable expectations, as it is a very good cigar. In fact, with the exception of the Padron Anniversary, and Davidoff Anniversary, this is the best Anniversary of the Anniversary crowd. So we say Happy 75th Avo! You made your self a darn respectable cigar! Vital Statistics: Shape = Double Corona Length=7" RG =50 Wrapper = Ecuador Filler = San Vicente Ligero and Seco Binder = San Vicente Ligero Estimated Cost = $5.00

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