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Friday, 15 March 2002

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axis echoratings and scores
First, there was Lars Tetens cigars, then a not so disguised copy of them called Acid. Lets add to the confusion with the new "Axis Cigars". First, there was Lars Tetens cigars, then a not so disguised copy of them called Acid. Lets add to the confusion with the new "Axis Cigars". The name is only two letters off from Acid, focus on not getting them mixed up, as this looks like Mr. Tetens counter attack! Introductions are in order: Axis calls itself "the most revolutionary and exciting product to hit the cigar market since the Lars Tetens brand started selling to the public in the early 90's." So much for subtlety. Axis cigars were created by Andrew Schwartz and Said Fenaoui (not coincidentally, Lars Tetens' brother in law). Apparently Andrew Schwartz has known Lars Tetens since he was eight years old, and began his training under Lars when he was nine. We all hope Lars knows about child labor laws, and minimum ages for tobacco consumption. We wouldn't want to soil young Andrew. Now apparently young Andrew was a visionary, or so the brochure says. You see, Andrew had a vision of manufacturing his own line of cigars from a very young age. I guess the GI Joe and Tonka Trucks never really took hold. Wait, what about this "Said" guy? Said is listed as "the second heartbeat of the company". What's a company with only one heartbeat? Okay, we'll cut the gloss and get to the cigar, BTW, free cigars, as they sent us a box for reviewing. (We always promise to tell you!) The echo has a rustic appearance with a radical band. You feel like putting on your leather and riding your Harley. Be careful if you do, because if the overwhelming cinnamon smell of this cigar gets out to a fellow Harley rider, you may be looked at kind of funny. The actual cigar is average looking, and the band is taped on...initially thought of as tacky, but sure makes getting the band off without damaging the cigar easier. The construction of the cigars left something to be desired. All were soft to the touch, which lent to a very quick burn. In fact one of our reviewers was smoking his while at the driving range when he heard what he thought was a fuse being lit. It was his Axis Echo making a speed burn up one side of the cigar. Gave him a scare and made him shank a 7-iron. Most of the reviewers noticed some "sideburn". The harder they drew, the more uneven it became. The Echo is an easy light, and the Aroma is the big story. Visions of sugarplums will come dancing in your head as the cinnamon aroma of this cigar comes home, and potentially overwhelms. If your a cigar classicist, stay away, this smells like the inside of a spice drawer. Taste, geez what can we say? We had so many descriptions that its hard to sum up. Initially people thought they would get a "flavored cigar" taste, but that doesn't materialize. It took a few cigars, but most everyone seemed OK with the smoke. A couple guys even acquired a taste for it. If you like a cigar with hot apple cider, this may be your smoke. It was noted that its hard to keep an open mind about this cigar. With the funky band, and spicy aroma, it's tough to take it seriously. As with both Lars Tetens cigars, and Acid Cigars, Axis is unique. Your probably going to either love them or hate them. If you like Lars and Acid, you may adore Axis, as it's about 1/5th the price. That alone may be worth the experience. If you got a couple spare bucks, give it a shot. Vital Statistics: Shape = Petit Corona Length = 5" RG = 42 Wrapper = Nicaragua Filler = Nicaragua Binder = Nicragua Estimated Cost = $ 2.50

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