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Saturday, 16 March 2002

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A couple of good looking brothers showed up for Blind Review cigars 4 and 6. A couple of good looking brothers showed up for Blind Review cigars 4 and 6. The Bucanero El Capitan Maduro and Natural cigars, a couple of Churchill sized, box pressed beauties from Costa Rica. If you haven't followed these cigars, or for that matter even heard of them, don't feel bad. Even though these cigars are apt to be confused with a ravenous Tampa Bay football fan, not everyone seems to have missed out on the excitement. If you check out the Bucanero website, you'll see that awards from such places as Smoke Magazine, Playboy and Cigar Insider have been compelling, including the highest rated Maduro ever at Smoke Magazine! In this review we look at both the Maduro and Natural versions, so throughout the review you'll see different aspects of the cigar getting rated based upon both versions. Appearance: Starting with appearance, the general consensus was that we had good looking cigars, with the Maduro getting much more notice than the Natural. The solid box-pressed look impressed many of the reviewers, even going so far as to trick some into thinking these were Padron Anniversary Series. The Natural version garnered an average grade of "B" for appearance. “She’s a ‘ten’ going and a ‘five' coming”. This cigar definitely looks better from a distance." "The Bucanero Natural had a light tan natural wrapper that was smooth without blemishes or prominent veins. The Toro is a nice, if non-descript, looking cigar." On the other hand was the Maduro version, coming in with a very respectable "B+" grade. "My wife cam in the room while I was opening the package containing the cigars for review. She looked over my shoulder, pointed at the Maduro Bucanero and said, “Wow, that one looks expensive.” I promised myself I would save #6 for last. It was beautiful, nicely filled, firm, and strong to the touch, an almost seamless wrapper. The dark, rich, slightly gritty texture was love at first sight. I just knew this was going to be a great smoke! Dare I say humidor candy!!!" Quality and Construction: Both cigars fared well on the quality and construction side of the review, with the Bucanero brothers coming in with matching grades of "B". While no real faults were found, there were comments about a somewhat soft feeling once lit. The draw of the cigars are unanimously praised in all reviews. "A very shallow cut produced the most perfect draw in spite of being tightly packed. The burn was perfect, right down to my burnt fingers." (Maduro) "Much to my surprise, the burn was even throughout, the light gray ash held its own, and flaking was minimal, but still a factor. Sorry folks, but I can’t get passed a Twinkie-feeling cigar." (Natural) Taste and Aftertaste: Always the real deal, the ultimate measure of any cigar is its taste. What we found with the Bucanero were some unique, and often mentioned differences between the two cigars. Potentially caused by the different wrappers, here were some of the traits focused on by our reviewers. Starting with the Natural version, the average grade given on the taste characteristic was a "B-". "The Bucanero Natural had a light earthy taste throughout the cigar. I also tasted a little spice at the beginning and some floral towards the end. The cigar smoked very smoothly with very little aftertaste." "The pleasant, mild body, enjoyable taste would probably be heralded by the occasional smoker, but I have had really good cigars and this really is not one of them…..really. The total lack of complexity left me wanting, well, another cigar. No BAD taste here, just very little." The Maduro Bucanero El Capitan faired quite a bit better than its Natural cousin, pulling in an average grade of "B+" "I tasted light spice all the way through. I can only describe the rest of the taste as a rich, complex tobacco taste with a spicy and floral aroma. I didn’t really taste woody or earthy flavors, but the richness of the tobacco taste came through clearly, although without any power. The taste indicates a unique blend of tobaccos." "Unbelievable!! The taste was a great blend of chocolate, cocoa, and maybe a hit of occasionally fruitiness. A taste of coffee emerged, but caused no bitterness. Then, with no warning, an "off-the-top-rope" espresso smack in the face! Awesome! This cigar expressed a VSG-like flavor, but without the associated harshness. This baby was smooth from start to finish, with a beautiful crescendo of strength and flavor, accompanied by a gentle landing. I am hesitant to say this about a cigar I just met. I don’t even know your name yet. But, I think I love you!!!!! A+ Ok, you have my review, now reveal the name of this cigar and no one gets hurt!" That last comment was one of our favorite! You get the idea by now, the Bucanero El Capitan may be one of the best cigars you've never met. If there are any problems with jumping on the Bucanero bandwagon, it may be the price. At $8.25 a stick, this cigar vaults into a category with some top-notch smokes. Then again, you have to give Tabacalera Tambor some credit...come on, "Bucanero"? Do you need to smoke this with a peg leg and a parrot on your shoulder? Marketing may not be the strong suit here, but the cigar is not skimped on. Give it a try, at least they didn't use the word "Anniversary" in its name! Vital Statistics: Shape = Churchill Length=6 " RG =52 Wrapper = Sumatra (Nat) Wrapper = Costa Rica (Mad) Filler = D.R., Nicaragua Binder = Ecuador (Nat) Binder = Connecticut (Mad) Estimated Cost = $8.25

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