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Wednesday, 21 May 2003

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Full speed ahead on the Bucanero Full Sail. Unique name and unique cigar.

The Bucanero Full Sail Maduro catches you first with its name, and then with some aggressive looks.  A toro sized cigar with a wrapper as dark as the depths of the deepest sea, one expects a salt water slap in the face when you get ready to smoke.


The surface of the Full Sail is a bit rough.  Not exactly rough in a bad way, but rough in the way that weathered lines on an old mariners face add character.  One of our reviewers even added that the small imperfections in the wrapper gave this cigar a more interesting appearance.  Rest assured that the Bucanero Full Sail Maduro leaves no impression stronger than this is going to be a deep rich smoke.


A firm cigar with a roughly finished cap, the toro cuts cleanly, and reveals a nicely packed cigar.  Expect a clean burn and draw.  All reviewers loved the ash of this cigar, as it slowly grows into a soft gray extension of the rest of the cigar.


“You got to love this ash, makes me remember cigars from before the cigar boom.  Nothing fancy, just a straightforward burnt tobacco gray.”


The initial aroma of the Bucanero did not leave many reviewers searching for adjectives, but this is a case where silence is golden.


Flavor wise, the spice comes at you from the first draw.  No easing you into this smoke, the Bucanero has the sails open, and is taking you for a ride.


“The Bucanero Full Sail Maduro started with some spice and earthiness from the first draw.  The taste of both increased as the burn neared the middle of the cigar.  The flavors were simple and balanced.  The taste remained consistent throughout the rest of the cigar.  The cigar never became harsh or bitter.”


In the age where many cigar manufacturers seem to be trying to out dual each other on who can make the strongest cigar, The Full Sail is a nice respite.  Often times the desire to increase strength will leave you tasting something for the next week.  Not so here. It's refreshing that a boutique cigar producer can take additional risks, and not try and appeal to every category of cigar smoker.  This is the case with Bucanero, and we applaud them for continually coming out with quality products that a cigar smoker can rely on. 


We highly recommend giving the Bucanero Full Sail Maduro a try, in fact you likely won’t go bad trying any ship in their marina.


We’ll leave you with the summary from two of our more experienced reviewers.


“The Bucanero Full Sail Maduro is a well made, straight forward smoke with a nice flavor.  This would make a good everyday smoke in my opinion.  It doesn’t bust the doors down, but does gives you and hour of relaxed enjoyment.”


“If you want to have a consistent experience with a cigar, this is a must try.  Both of my samples were identical, and both enjoyed without overpowering my palate for hours afterward.”

Vital Statistics:
Size: 6 x 50
Shape: Toro
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
Est. Cost: $8.50

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