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Saturday, 16 March 2002

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caocao odyssey
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When reviews start coming in, and you start to hear a cigar being compared to Opus X, Ashton VSG, and some of the recently released limited edition Cubans, you take notice...real quick. When reviews start coming in, and you start to hear a cigar being compared to Opus X, Ashton VSG, and some of the recently released limited edition Cubans, you take notice...real quick. C.A.O made these special cigars from a combination of six different types of Cuban seed fillers. Habano seed binder and sixth priming Ecuadorian Rosado wrapper imparts the Odyssey's flavor. Designed to be a complex cigar, the Odyssey has been aged since September 1, 1995. So far we have a 6 year old perfecto shaped cigar, from the renowned maker of the much ballyhooed Anniversario eXtreme, and it's being compared to some of the finer dark wrapper cigars on the market today. Big build up for a cigar to live up to. Does it? First understand that this cigar comes in a fantastic looking blue "coffin". The cigars are sold in boxes of ten, with each box containing ten "coffins" filled with the regal looking Odyssey. Your looking at pure humidor candy, with or without the box, something that C.A.O. seems to make a habit of. If looks could kill...bang. Appearance alone, the lowest grade given was an A-. The cigar lit perfectly, and drew like it had been rolled with experience. Perfecto's aren't the easiest cigar to make, but it looks like C.A.O. has a pro doing it. A couple of our reviewers mentioned that the first look of this cigar made them categorize it with some of the more popular "meaty" cigars. This is setting a steep goal, and in most cases our reviewers didn't always think the Odyssey lived up to it. Was it a fare comparison? Probably not, but right or wrong, many of the reviewers got this impression. "My initial expectations were that this was a "sit down and don't get up and move too fast after you start puffing" stick that should be enjoyed with a cognac, single malt or single barrel bourbon. The first one with the beer was very good but the second one was even better with the Lagavulin and confirmed my first thoughts." So far so good. A strong cigar without being overbearing, and one, as quoted above, that "plays well with others". (To quote my favorite kindergarten grade.) The only downfall of the Odyssey was a unanimously identified harshness once you got beyond the middle of the smoke. This can happen in a perfecto as they heat up and start condensing the smoke. The reaction varied with the reviewers, some just mentioning the harshness, others really took C.A.O. to task for their perceived flaw. "The heat and harshness made me re-evaluate categorizing it as a match to the Ashton VSG and Opus X lines. I think a similar size Opus X is stronger than the Odyssey but not as harsh. A like-size VSG burns cooler but the Odyssey has every bit as much of a "woosh" with pepper and spice tastes." A "B+" grade is nothing to be ashamed of. C.A.O. has created such a quality and consistency reputation that people have come to expect great cigars. The C.A.O. Odyssey delivers on this expectation. The harshness is a problem, as is the high price for the Odyssey. One can't help but wonder how much you are paying for the lovely "coffin", we know we did as we kept trying to light it. Vital Statistics: Shape = Perfecto Length= RG = Wrapper = Ecuador Filler = Habano Seed Binder = Habano Seed Estimated Cost =$13.50

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