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Saturday, 16 March 2002

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What is the CAO eXtreme Churchill? We'll let Cano explain that with an excerpt from his interview: We interviewed Cano Ozgener of CAO a few months ago, and thought we would be remiss if we didn't test his latest baby as well! So after much searching, we finally found some CAO eXtreme Churchill's at Smokers Depot, and bought them up for this review. What is the CAO eXtreme Churchill? We'll let Cano explain that with an excerpt from his interview: "The eXtreme "story" begins with our longtime love for Sumatran seed, Ecuadorian grown wrapper leaf. This leaf is absolutely gorgeous in appearance: dark, oily, and silk-like to the touch. We had this leaf in the back of our minds for a future line for some time now. With this in mind, the eXtreme was created with the experienced cigar aficionado in mind. The timing was right for a cigar such as the eXtreme. We felt that the Cameroon and the Maduro L'Anniversaire lines each filled a particular niche in the marketplace, however, we wanted a full bodied, strong and complex cigar to complete the L'Anniversaire Series. As a result, we opted to combine the "best of both worlds" in our eXtreme line. By that I mean we decided to blend ligeros from both our Cameroon and Maduro lines into the eXtreme. We sampled many different blends of the eXtreme before we selected what is now the C.A.O. eXtreme line." Now you have CAO's explanation, here's what we found. First and foremost, you have the undisputed heavyweight of the world for great looking cigars. Of all the cigars we have seen, and all the cigars we have sent out for reviews, nothing comes close to the CAO eXtreme Churchill for looks, garnering five, count 'em five "A+" on appearance from our review staff of 2 guests and 3 regulars. This cigar is so gorgeous, it has prompted us to anoint a new tag called "Humidor Candy", a cigar that is so beautiful you want to stare at it until you cover it in drool. We can't guarantee our pictures do the cigar justice, so pick one up and look at the rich, dark, oily and flawless wrapper encasing this cigar. The CAO eXtreme Churchill breaks new ground for beauty in its wrapper. Once you light up the CAO eXtreme Churchill, its hard not to be excited. If there was any flaw to this cigar, it percolated up here. A few reviewers mentioned some challenges to the draw,it being a bit tight. 3 of the 5 reviewers also mentioned that the ash was weak and irregular, and didn't want to hang on long. We think it's also important to mention that none of the aforementioned concerns caused anyone to fail in their love for this cigar, as the lowest rating received in the "Quality & Construction" area was a "B". Let's move on to taste, the "Shaq-daddy" of rating criteria. We'll start with a couple of quotes, and you'll quickly see where we are heading. "I could taste the eXtreme’s spiciness even before the light. The big story at the beginning, though, is the power. You can feel it right away, like drinking a triple espresso. This cigar just about demands that you sit down to smoke it. . ..I give the eXtreme my first A+ in the taste department." "I have to admit, I'm not a guy who likes strong cigars, but this really surprised me. This cigar is flawless except for a couple minor ash issues. I can't help but hope that I can find enough of these to stock my shelf that is!" "I smoke enough cigars that I can become jaded. You see so many announcements of "new releases" from manufacturers, that over time I get disappointed as so many don't live up to their marketing. Here's a cigar that will reinvigorate my love for the leaf. Thank you CAO and Top25Cigar for the introduction!" If you don't get the hint by now folks, there's a new sheriff in town, and his name is CAO eXtreme. Opus and VSG take heed and load your guns, 'cause this sheriff is going to shoot at you quicker and more directly than Wyatt Earp ever fired at OK Corral. Buy this cigar people, period. Top25Cigar can not give a cigar a higher approval than the CAO eXtreme. True it didn't get an A+, but it scored higher than all the other "A's" we have given, and it was darn close to getting that little "+". Lovers of all cigars need to experience this, no matter what your tastes, strong, mild, flavored, whatever...the CAO eXtreme will have a place in your lineup. Vital Statistics: Shape = Churchill Length=6 7/8" RG =48 Wrapper = Ecuador Filler = Nicaragua Binder = Ecuador Estimated Cost = $6.75

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