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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

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Don’t be afraid to get hands-on with the cigars when you are in the store.  After all, that’s the whole point of going in person.  Give the cigars a whiff.  See which aroma turns you on.  When feeling them, make sure they are firm.  You don’t want one that’s totally spongy.  Also, look for cigars that have oily wrappers that are free of imperfections.  The last thing you want is a totally dry wrapper that cracks all over the place.  It’s just a sign of bad things to come if you actually buy it and light it up later.

Another plus of going in person (and probably the biggest reason for a beginner to do so) is that you can actually talk to the salesperson.  It’s likely that they will have plenty of recommendations for beginners and they’ll be happy to help you with the hopes of gaining a loyal customer.  There is a possibility that the staff will try to sell you everything under the sun, but hopefully you’ll run into someone that’s helpful and not just looking to make a quick buck off of your inexperience.

On the other hand, if you have no cigar shops in your area and are limited to purchasing online, there are some advantages.  The first is price.  You can often find lower prices via online shops since they often have lower overhead than their brick and mortar counterparts.  You also get plenty of selection when shopping online.  Selection that is easily searchable.  If the site is any good, you’ll probably find recommendations for beginners or even some sampler packs made up of milder cigars.  Lastly, shopping online allows you to read customer comments on each product page.  Is the cigar good or a dud?  They’ll usually be pretty honest with their opinions so you don’t end up wasting your money.

As you become more experienced and figure out which cigars you like, you will probably shift towards buying online later on for the sheer convenience of it.

Try an online auction

If you’re really into shopping online and want to go this route with your cigars, you might want to give online auctions a shot.  They’re a good way to snag cigars at cheaper prices, plus they offer that extra rush that comes with winning an auction.  Before you jump into this method of purchasing, make sure you do your research.  Look up the cigar in question on other sites to find its actual price.  You don’t want to overpay just because you didn’t want to lose the auction to another shopper.

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