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Monday, 18 May 2009

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Everybody who smokes cigars has those “go to” cigars.  A go-to cigar is that cigar that you always have in the humidor and always find yourself going back to, especially after a few bad smoking experiences.  Most of us have a few “go to” cigars, usually they run the gamut of flavor so we always have that old faithful to lean on when needing a guaranteed good smoke.


If you’re looking to add a phenomenal cigar to your lineup, the Cuban Bolivar Royal Corona is a surefire All-Star in anybody’s list of “go to” cigars.  Weighing in at 4 7/8 inches in length and sporting a 50 ring gauge, this is the robusto of robustos.

The brand Bolivar gets its name from one of the great historic characters of the 19th century.  Simon Bolivar liberated much of South America from Spanish rule.  Created in 1902 the Bolivar brand is today based out of the famous Partagas Factory.  The tobacco’s that make up the Bolivar brand, come from the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba.  The consistency of the brand, and tobacco’s from this special region of Cuba make this one of the most sought after Cuban lines of cigars.

There are quite a few robusto sized Cuban cigars, including the ever famous Cohiba Robusto, the Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2, Partagas Serie D No.4, and others, but very few of them maintain the consistency of the Bolivar Royal Corona.

Another interesting aspect of the Bolivar Royal Corona, is its consistency over the different yearly vintages.  Very few cigars can maintain a common approach to its flavor profile over the years, but this seems to be something that the fine folks making Bolivar have gotten down to a science.  Most of the cigars I’ve sampled over the last 10 years of production have been similar and varied very little from box to box and year to year.

The cigar can pack a punch, but when properly aged is a smooth, strong, vividly enjoyable experience.  If you happen upon one that seems far too strong, it could be that you’ve reached a young cigar or one that has not been aged properly.  When properly maintained, this is a tough smoke to beat.

The Bolivar Royal Corona could also be nominated as a perfect representative of the Cuban flavor profile.  A mildly spicy cigar, with earthy a woody tastes, the Bolivar Royal Corona leans to the medium strong side.  If you have a finely tuned palette, something I can stake a claim to, you may be able to decipher hints of espresso, chocolate, and in some of the younger versions a musty, hay like characteristic.


0 # BRCjimbo14 2009-05-18 00:37
I totally agree. I am going through a box of 2007's and have not had a bad one. They are so well constructed and have a lovely flavour profile. I found it to be a very smooth cigar and not as strong as its little brother the Petit Corona.

When I get through my 2007's I will be picking up another box from my local B&M for sure!

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0 # May I add?Steven Fowler 2009-05-18 05:43
I haven't tried the Royal Corona, but I will now. You've made it sound fantastic! I like the Bolivar Petit Corona quit a bit, so perhaps the Royal Corona is more complex; my only fault of the Petit Corona is its lack of complexity. For those that prefer a milder and more inexpensive taste of Cuban cigars, may I recommend the Saint Luis Rey Regios? I have a box from '07 that is outstanding in every way. It pairs with a morning Americano quite well.

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0 # superb cigarpaul watson 2009-05-20 08:56
i have a feb 08 box and can confirm the review.i also agree that the PC is stronger.i have a 50 box of these,july 07.

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