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Saturday, 16 March 2002

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cusano corojo robusto vintage 1996ratings and scores
The Dominican made Cusano Corojo cigars are the 7th distinct line to come out of the Cusano Brand. The Dominican made Cusano Corojo cigars are the 7th distinct line to come out of the Cusano Brand. All 7 lines feature Dominican filler and binder tobacco. The lines differ by using different blends of Dominican filler tobaccos and an assortment of wrappers grown around the world. The Cusano Corojo follows the same theme by employing the use of Ecuadorian Corojo Vintage 1996 wrapper. The Cuban Corojo wrapper is famous for the distinct taste and power it imparts to Cuban cigars. Cusano is not the first to use the Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper. The Ecuadorian Corojo Vintage 1996 wrapper has been successfully used in other cigar manufacturers products as well, this is our first tasting. The Cusano Corojo Robusto (CCR) is a solid looking cigar. The Corojo's dark tan wrapper is smooth with a slight reddish tint. The wrapper is free of prominent veins, but did exhibit a few minor blemishes. There is no doubt that the look is distinct and adds to the appeal of this cigar, although Top25Cigar has difficulty with anything appealing to us more than the $3.35 price tag this little trooper carries. The wrapper, being one of the highlights, and most important aspects of any cigar tries to put on an oily rich appearance, it accomplishes this in a majority of our samples, but also had some loose wrapper leaf in a few spots. Flavor arrives in bunches from this action packed robusto. Armed with an aggressive personality, the CCR does not give your taste buds a rest. Described in numerous ways by our reviewers, one thought rode through all the reviews, this can be a forceful cigar. Many cigars compare themselves to the "classic Cubans", and the CCR is no different. We wish we could tell you how it compares with the classic Cubans, but one quick look in our humidor reminds us we don't have a lot of classic Cubans to compare to! With a taste described as grassy and dry, not the dry as in "quick, get me a beer", but more of a dry like a cabernet. Taste was actually one of the lower scoring facets of this cigar, with the consensus coming in at a solid "B" (we had one very low grade, but that seemed to be the exception for this cigar). Pretty darn good for a relatively inexpensive cigar! The Cusano Corojo Vintage 1996 Robusto is an interesting and well made cigar. you don't see cigars like this hanging around the $3 price tag anymore. Give these a try, you probably will either love them or only be mildly impressed, as they do have a distinct personality. We think it's a keeper, and remain interested in how they change with age. Bottom line has the Cusano Corojo keeping us interested in the other Cusano cigars, and the future of the Corojo wrapper. Let's just hope we don't have another Habana 2000 on our hands. We don't think we do! Vital Statistics: Shape = Robusto Length=5" RG =50 Wrapper = Corojo-1996 Filler = D.R. Binder = D.R. Estimated Cost = $3.35

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