Diamond Crown Cigars
Written by Paul Shoberg

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

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While the Diamond Crown line has a highly complex flavor, the fact that it is smooth and consistent provides a great jumping off point for the cigar smoking palette.  Not only does the flavor lineup perfect for the introductory cigar smoker, but the construction of the Diamond Crown may be something a smoker never sees again.  It’s almost uncanny at times; the burn of the Diamond Crown line of cigars provides an ash so precise you need a micrometer to measure any variances.

I wanted to be able to suggest one individual cigar in the line that would be the best fit for introducing someone to cigars, but that would be nearly impossible.  If you stay with the original Connecticut wrapped line of Diamond Crown, you can’t go wrong.  You may want to consider their smoking experience when choosing the length of the cigar, as we all know too much cigar too early, will leave any new smoker with their heads spinning.

It’s also handy to suggest a few flavors that the new smoker should be looking for as they enjoy their smoke.  While many of the flavors throughout the cigar are subtle, the consistent flavor the cigar provides allows you to look for them through the whole cigar experience.  The predominant flavors to look for are white grassy notes, and a smooth creamy smoke.  There’s also some very very subtle spice, but it can’t be guaranteed that this is something everyone will be able to detect.  Many smokers have also commented on a somewhat nutty finish, but again this isn’t something everyone is going to be able to taste.

So do your good friends a favor, and keep a couple of these cigars around in the humidor.  Yes they can be a tad bit expensive, but it’s a good investment in any friendship.  For an investment under $25.00, you can keep two Robusto No. 4’s hanging around just waiting for the right moment.  Of course if it’s your in-laws that are always bumming a cigar off you it begs a whole different approach.  Grab that nasty flavored smoke, leave it out of the humidor for a few weeks, and keep it in an obvious place.  Just by all means, don’t let them at your special stash of Diamond Crown cigars.


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